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Controlled Chaos Flooring

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For many active homes, the idea of keeping everyday chaos under control is the ultimate goal! As the signature of modern times, Hearthwood’s Controlled Chaos Collection of oak flooring draws inspiration from the aspects of life that always keep things interesting. The dramatic color shifts across planks mirror the work of chemically reactive stains, but are done with standard, low-emitting finishes for a healthy and more predictable process. read more

The lightly brushed texture and modern oak palette create a versatile foundation to energize a variety of design styles. Featuring Hearthwood's WetWorx™ Splatter and Spill Guard technology with aluminum oxide scuff and scratch-resistant finish, the Controlled Chaos Collection provides homeowners with gorgeous water-resistant oak flooring that can handle the adventures of everyday life!

Modern Oak Flooring FAQ

How durable is oak flooring?
When it comes to durability, this valuable performance attribute can vary among different hardwood varieties and many homeowners refine their hardwood flooring search to which options can withstand the daily rigors of an active home with kids and pets. Hearthwood’s Controlled Chaos Collection is finished with a premium Aluminum Oxide Polyurethane that protects the natural wood against scratches, scuffs, and everyday wear and tear. Along with innovative water-resistant technology, Hearthwood planks provide the necessary protection in your home so that your flooring can withstand all of life’s adventures!

How does it compare to red Oak and other wood species?
Not only is modern oak flooring strikingly beautiful, but this hardwood species also has a harder Janka rating or hardness score than many wood species including red oak, white ash, cherry, and walnut planks.