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Whether you are looking to invest in authentic hardwood flooring, need versatile laminate flooring to complete a room, or want waterproof flooring for your active home, Palmetto Road brings the appeal of hand-crafted artisan flooring to modern innovation. learn more...
When it comes to genuine wood planks, Palmetto Road hardwood flooring provides the in-demand hand-crafted and large variety formats that are ideal are families and high design areas like living rooms. From the wire brushed looks of Middleton Flooring fumed French oak and Davenport Flooring hickory, to the smoked and antiqued Tuscany Flooring French oak, these collections are designed to create unforgettable spaces. Perhaps you are looking for the visual of dual-stained Chalmers Flooring French oak, low gloss Monet Flooring French oak, or low gloss Mountain Ridge Flooring hickory for stunning natural appeal. Lake Ridge Flooring and River Ridge Flooring present hand-scraped birch collections for standout interiors.

In search of enhanced durability to serve your active home? Palmetto Road laminate flooring can provide looks that are upscale enough for a dining room while adding protection for families with kids and pets. The wide-ranging styles that comprise the Brunswick Collection offer exceptional realism and fashion-forward tones with added water resistance and scratch protection.

To connect an entire floorplan with an easy-to-maintain surface that brings the ultimate protection against spills and pet accidents, Palmetto Road waterproof flooring is designed to handle life’s everyday adventures indoors. Boasting a waterproof rigid core engineered to weather the storms an active household creates, Impact Flooring, Intrigue Flooring, and Inspire Flooring are up to the task! The distressed wood visuals of Tidewater Flooring, rustic wood visuals of Barrier 20, and reclaimed wood visuals of Grand Isle will give your home the style and protection you can count on.

Palmetto Road flooring is the perfect combination of stunning visuals, durability, and long-lasting performance. With beautiful flooring designs that effortlessly capture the essence of the Southeast, Palmetto Road offers artisan-inspired hardwood, laminate, and waterproof flooring to meet the needs of the modern American family. Browse our Palmetto Road flooring products below to find the ideal flooring solution to suit your budget and lifestyle.

Why Choose Palmetto Road Flooring?

Available exclusively in the Southeast, Palmetto Road flooring is well-known for its enduring beauty and painstaking attention to detail. Palmetto Road hardwoods are reasonably priced and handcrafted by artisans, making them a fine investment for the home. No matter which flooring type you choose, there is a Palmetto Road flooring to perfectly suit your design style, budget, and needs. Peruse Palmetto Road’s stunning collections and discover an array of distinctive visuals, ranging from Southern traditional to contemporary design.
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