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100% Waterproof 100% Hardwood

Combining real hardwood veneer with a 100% waterproof rigid core, Raintree Flooring presents a revolutionary new hybrid flooring that blends style with performance. With Raintree Flooring, you can have the authentic beauty of hardwood planks with the practical performance and maintenance of waterproof vinyl floors.

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Why Choose Raintree Hardwood Flooring?

These genuine waterproofed hardwood floors offer incredible durability and versatility thanks to the scratch-resistant aluminum oxide nanoparticle finish and rigid, 100% waterproof 5mm H2O Core. There's nothing like having exceptional natural beauty in a hardwood floor that can handle spills, pet accidents, moisture, and humidity without worry!  

With Raintree Flooring, you can have the luxurious aesthetic of authentic wood without compromise. Only real hardwood flooring adds value to your home and each Raintree variety features a genuine sliced hardwood lamella for unforgettable natural beauty. When it comes to standing up to an active household with kids, pets, and constant motion, having waterproofed hardwood floors that can be mopped is nothing short of revolutionary. Raintree’s unmatched durability ensures optimal performance and creates a real hardwood floor that is engineered for modern life.

Thanks to the rigid composite NINJA CORE™, Raintree floors are 100% waterproof, denser, and more heat resistant than WPC. Not only do these waterproofed hardwood floors showcase authentic beauty from the real hardwood wear layer, but they can also actually be wet-mopped for the easiest cleaning procedure possible. More dimensionally stable than engineered wood and WPC, Raintree’s PET GUARD WATERPROOF + SCRATCH RESISTANT™ finish resists moisture and minimizes scratches and wear from pets and foot traffic. When it comes to installation, the tongue & groove system allows for fast and easy floating finished results, and the attached pad improves acoustics and comfort underfoot. There’s no need to compromise style for durability when you can have both with Raintree! Want to see Raintree waterproof hardwood flooring up close? Order flooring samples from Twenty & Oak or locate a dealer today to visit in person.

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Brand Spotlight: Raintree Flooring

Discover the Raintree brand, combined of SPC-based core and natural hardwood veneers. It is a 100 percent waterproof hardwood flooring perfect for active households.

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