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Aspen Estates

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Sharing a namesake with the gorgeous, multi-faceted Rocky Mountain enclave, Raintree’s Aspen Estates Collection of European white oak combines a striking fusion of authentic wood characteristics with refined style. There’s nothing like having exceptional natural beauty in a hardwood floor that can handle spills, pet accidents, moisture, and humidity without worry! read more

Aspen Estates adds color dimension through distinct graining and an air of lightness across the palette, while the warm and cool tones create an inviting feeling. The genuine waterproof oak flooring offers incredible durability and versatile performance thanks to the scratch-resistant aluminum oxide nanoparticle finish and rigid, 100% waterproof 5mm Ninja H2O Core.

Oak Flooring FAQ

What is engineered white oak floor?
Engineered wood is made by layering wood veneers in alternating directions for maximum dimensional stability. The Raintree Flooring Aspen Estates Collection is an engineered wood hybrid made with a premium oak wear layer that is supported by a waterproof composite core and foam backing.

Are engineered floors waterproof?
This hybrid structure fuses a waterproof core with the beauty of a real wood veneer protected by the NINJA Pet Guard for genuine European white oak flooring that is as practical as it is beautiful. Since Aspen Estates features a real wood veneer, you can be assured that waterproof oak flooring from Raintree is uniquely your own with natural variation and authentic design.
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