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UltraCeramic by American Biltrite is engineered to provide a better alternative to ceramic or stone.  It is quiet, warm, and soft underfoot. UltraCeramic is durable, crack-resistant, and forgiving when everyday items fall on the floor.  Available in large 18”x18“ or 12″ x 24″ tiles, UltraCeramic can be installed with or without grout.  With a range of designs and color options, UltraCeramic tiles look beautiful in any room.

Urban Slate

12" x 24" Modern slate visuals
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Natural Travertine

12" x 24" weathered travertine visuals
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Marble Jewel

18" x 18" Timeless marble visuals
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Precious Stone

12" x 24" Contemporary marble visuals
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Eclectic Stone

12" x 24" Diverse stone, granite and marble visuals
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Villa Stonewood

12" x 24" wood & stone blend visuals
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Natural Sandstone

18" x 18" Sandstone visuals
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12" x 24" Finestone visuals
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Castelli Marble

18" x 18" Classic marble visuals
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Fine Travertine

18" x 18" Travertine visuals
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Tuscan Slate

18" x 18" Rustic slate visuals
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