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Can You Put Laminate Flooring Over Tile?

installing laminated floor 

To spare yourself the trouble of removing tiles, the idea of placing your new flooring over existing tile sounds promising. But can you put laminate flooring over tile?

The short answer is yes, you can put laminate flooring over tile. However, here are certain conditions and considerations of which to be aware.    

Tile Conditions

If the tile is in decent shape, without being loose or having cracks, you can lay laminate flooring over tiles. If they are loose or cracked, it’s inadvisable. For existing tiles that are unlevel or for tiles that are protruding, you can also apply a leveling compound across the entire span of tile to even it out properly before putting down laminate. 

Floor Height

Keep in mind you will also gain floor height, causing issues with door thresholds, flooring transitions and appliances. For this reason, only a thin prefinished engineered hardwood or laminate is suitable. This is because they’re either glued down, floated or use a click and lock system. When putting laminate flooring over tile, you must also leave a ⅜-inch gap around the perimeter to allow for expansion and fit beneath baseboards and molding. 

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You can assume a moisture barrier is beneath the tile layer, and if not, the tiles themselves act as one. However, it’s also wise to lay underlayment under the laminate flooring to provide a warm underfoot, acoustics and better moisture protection. Lay the underlayment once any leveling compound is dry.  If the laminate floor has an attached underlayment, an additional underlayment is not necessary.

Before starting any flooring project, reach out to a professional for expert advice. The team at Twenty & Oak can help connect you to local flooring experts in the area that will guide you through your next renovation.

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