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Environmental Commitments from Our Brands

For an in-depth look at how our brands are making a difference today to protect future generations, review these manufacturer statements. Read more detail about industry regulations  in Environmental Certifications for Flooring.

Azalea Lane Flooring is a diverse mix of hardwood flooring sourced using certified responsible forestry management practices.

Palmetto Road sources products from two different manufacturers who adhere to the strict guidelines for health and environmental safety as determined by the U.S. government and California Air Resources Board (CARB). All Palmetto Road products are manufactured in facilities that have been certified by highly reputable independent Third-Party testing companies to meet CARB II standards for extremely low levels of formaldehyde emissions.
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Metroflor is focused on sustainability, recycled content, and green building.  Many products are manufactured from 100% pure virgin vinyl, coupled with non-phthalate plasticizers. Beyond its performance advantages, 100% virgin vinyl ensures the product’s purity for future recyclability.
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Beauflor USA is committed to American manufacturing and the production carbon footprint.  Beauflor vinyl floors are made of 100% recyclable material.  The new Georgia manufacturing facility exceeds U.S. energy efficiency standards, thanks to deliberate design decisions, including energy captures and heat exchangers for recycling energy and afterburners to purify the air of fumes.
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Hearthwood supports sustainable forests and promotes healthy indoor air quality by using water-based or UV-based stains and topcoats that are third party certified as low-emitting materials.  Sawdust that is created as a byproduct is sold to companies that use it to encapsulate industrial hazardous waste, woodchips are run through an emission-free biomass boiler to power equipment in the plant, and other leftover materials have been used to create decorative art pieces. 
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Tarkett products actually contribute to better indoor air quality.  Driven by Cradle to Cradle principles, Take Back, ReUse and Recycling are the backbone of Tarkett’s ambitious efforts to eliminate waste. 2020 goals include reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20%.  Efforts to reduce emissions are multifold — from efficiencies at Tarkett factories to renewables like wind, solar and biomass, to new explorations into the impacts of transport on greenhouse gas emissions.
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Somerset Hardwood Flooring turns Appalachian hardwood lumber into fine residential flooring enjoyed in homes across America. All the sawdust generated is used to provide heat and steam to fuel manufacturing operations, or goes to supply the Somerset Wood Pellet fuel facility.  Somerset brand pellets are sold across the U.S. through major pellet distributors and retailers for use in pellet stoves.
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Credit:  Statements in this article are copied, in part, from the respective manufacturer websites.

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