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How to Fix Scratches on Hardwood Floors

scratched parquet flooring


Whether you have light hairline scratches or heavy gouges from large furniture or dog claws, it’s good for homeowners to know how to fix scratches on hardwood floors.    

Step 1: Prepare Area 

Sweep the area with a soft broom and dustpan and clean it with a gentle soap and water solution. (Avoid waxes or pastes and cleaners that leave protective coats and shines.) 

Step 2: Fix Scratches 

Light scratches and deep scratches require different repair approaches. Learn how to fix scratches on hardwood floors with these steps for each.  

How to Repair Light Scratches

  1. Lightly rub fine steel wool over the scratch along the grain.

  2. Choose a floor marker that matches your existing floor and test in an inconspicuous area.

  3. Brush the marker over a few scratches, continuing if successful. 

  4. Rub walnut meal mixture with olive oil or vinegar into light colored floors for a natural alternative.

  5. Gently rub with fine grade steel wool and clean with a tack cloth.

  6. For excessive scratches, try rubbing wood stain over the area to penetrate raw wood and then quickly wipe clean.

How to Repair Deeper Scratches

  1. Mix and test the colorants in inconspicuous areas to find a wood match.

  2. If gouge is 1/16-inch to ⅛-inch deep, fill with a resin floor marker, being careful to stay within the scratch.

  3. Smooth down the wet filler and dry for two hours. 

  4. For deeper or wider scratches, take a putty knife and apply wood filler into the crack, wiping off excess while still wet. 

  5. Sand down dried wood filler with 180-grit sandpaper, avoiding the surrounding floor.

  6. Apply matching colorant to wood filler, also.

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