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The Best Pet-Friendly Flooring Options for Your Home


Tired puppy sleeping on floor 

As a pet owner, it’s important to consider the best pet-friendly flooring options for your home and your lifestyle. Small dogs with dainty feet and a calm disposition may not cause much damage. However, if you have big dogs that love to rough and tumble around the house, you should consider more lasting, pet-friendly flooring options with durable, scratch-resistant wear layers.

Because genuine wood floors–especially softer hardwoods like pine–are prone to scuffs and deep gouges, a pet owner will find these floors harder to maintain. While they’re still an option, of course, it’s best to find a hardwood collection with a distressed surface treatment—like hand-scraped or wire-brushed—to disguise the everyday wear and tear. When you install hardwood floors with an already rugged and rustic appearance, it diminishes the obvious signs of nails scoring the wood. 

However, the truly best pet-friendly flooring option for homes is one that resembles authentic hardwood floors and stones while offering that extra durability. Some of these would be waterproof and water-resistant flooring such as luxury vinyl planks and tiles.

Waterproof and Water-Resistant Flooring

Both waterproof and water-resistant flooring are the best solutions for pet owners.

Waterproof Flooring

Waterproof flooring, offered in both wood and tile visuals, provides a variety of looks for any household. It comes in traditional and weathered or hand-scraped and wire-brushed. Waterproof flooring is even offered in natural stones and ceramics. Most importantly, however, for pet owners, it offers durability and can handle even the roughest conditions. 

While waterproof flooring’s construction varies, it is essentially made of several cores, with some options including a ceramic bead top layer finish. This top layer is what makes waterproof flooring ideal for pets, as it resists dents, scratches and stains. Twenty & Oak offers collections such as Palmetto Road Barrier 20 and Palmetto Road Rigid Core Impact as excellent pet-friendly flooring options.

To better understand how waterproof flooring is constructed, check out Twenty & Oak’s Decoding Multi-Layer Flooring

Water-Resistant Laminate Flooring

If you do not need completely sealed waterproof flooring, a water-resistant flooring option is a happy medium for pet owners. While they are not completely sealed off from water, as would be necessary for high-moisture areas like bathrooms and kitchens, they do provide enough time to clean up topical spills and things like accidental puppy piddles or turned over water bowls. If cleaned up quickly, water-resistant flooring is one of the perfect flooring options for pet owners. 

Beauflor Hydrana laminate is a stellar water-resistant, pet-friendly option for homes. Practically waterproof, it features a locking system that can handle standing water up to 72 hours. It also features an attached pad that softens loud barks and nails. It provides warmth underfoot, which is especially kind on bare feet—both yours and your pets’! Both affordable and durable, Twenty & Oak recommends Beauflor Hydrana as a top contender for a pet-friendly flooring option.  

Luxury Vinyl Plank and Tiles

Dogs paws crossed on the floor 

Luxury vinyl plank and tiles (LVPs and LVTs) are surprisingly attractive and designed to resemble realistic hardwoods, and even exotic hardwoods, in fashion-forward colors and hues. While they offer a budget-friendly flooring option for homeowners, they are quite suitable for pets as well. Plus, with the technological advancements, they stand up to the rowdiest of dogs and messy lifestyles. 

Twenty & Oak offers several options for luxury vinyl planks and luxury vinyl tiles, such as Beauflor’s Pure Click 55, also a waterproof flooring. There is also Metroflor’s Express Plank and Tile collection which offers an array of styles. 

Find the Best Pet-Friendly Flooring Option for Your Home

With numerous flooring styles and materials available for homeowners, it can be a daunting process to narrow down the choices. But for pet owners, waterproof and water-resistant flooring is essentially a worry-free option, which is why Twenty & Oak wholeheartedly recommends this flooring for homes with furry family members. With modern technological advances, pet owners can have the best of both worlds: a stylish home that allows pets to roam happily and carefree.

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