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How To Choose Dog Friendly Flooring?

Whether your lovable pups are the size of a Chihuahua or a German Shepard, there’s no denying that our dogs complete our families, and we want them around us as much as possible! In between the general snuggling, playtime, and daily activity, life with dogs in the house is also full of plenty of unpredictable moments where it truly pays off to have pet-friendly flooring in your rooms! From managing pet accidents to defending against claws scraping the surface, the right flooring options for dogs will help protect your investment while completing your favorite d├ęcor aesthetic. For long-lasting appearance, performance, and easy maintenance in a home with your favorite furry family members, here are some of our best ideas for how to choose dog-friendly flooring:

Do I need waterproof or water-resistant flooring for dogs?

In a home with one or more dogs, you will save yourself a lot of stressful moments by investing in a floor with enhanced moisture resistance! If you've been wondering aloud “do I need water-resistant or waterproof flooring for dogs", that answer depends on your specific pupper situation. If you have young pups that are still full of energy, learning commands, and learning to potty outdoors, your floors can experience unpredictable moisture around the clock such as accidents, knocked-over food and water bowls, and running through the home with wet paws. At the very minimum, water-resistant flooring in a home with dogs will protect against moisture and standing liquid until you can promptly wipe it up. A dog-friendly waterproof flooring option such as Aspen Estates by Raintree Flooring in First Flurry can handle liquid and spills without a time limit and not be damaged! If you have multiple dogs or multiple young dogs, this valuable waterproof protection can provide true peace of mind when you discover puddles or messes that you have no idea when they occurred. Begin your shopping for dog-friendly flooring by exploring luxury vinyl, waterproof hardwood, laminate, and sheet vinyl options. If your dogs are older, calmer, and a little more predictable regarding accidents inside, water-resistant flooring will handle normal moisture occurrences with regular care and maintenance. Versatile luxury vinyl planks are an exceptional choice for moisture resistance in a home with active pups, that still provides the fashion-forward look to match your interior design. Outstanding water-resistant products like Brunswick by Palmetto Road in Jekyll will resist normal spills and moisture with ease, and some water-resistant options like Hydrana laminate by Beauflor in Retro Chic Black will lock out standing water for up to 72 hours. For best results, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s installation guidelines accurately to ensure that the water-resistant or waterproof warranty of your new floors is properly maintained. 

Dog friendly bedroom flooring - Twenty and Oak

Which dog-friendly floors offer superior scratch resistance?

It's not uncommon to hear your dog claws running across the floor multiple times an hour- or at least every time anyone approaches the front door! To prevent damage to your surfaces, scratch-resistant flooring will help resist scuffs, scratches, dents, and markings that can come from puppy playtime. Whereas genuine wood floors and especially softer species can gouge easier, durable dog-friendly flooring options are engineered with enhanced scratch-resistant wear layers. You will find superior durability and scratch resistance from laminate, luxury vinyl, and waterproof hardwood styles that feature a reinforced aluminum oxide finish or ceramic bead finish. Impact Flooring by Palmetto Road in Dunes features a heavy 20 mil wear layer for the ultimate scratch resistance in a home with dogs. We also love the idea of using the visual texture of your favorite flooring to help disguise wear-and-tear and provide pup-scratch camouflage! Distressed, hand-scraped, and wire-brushed hardwood visuals will all help minimize the appearance of scratches. With saw cut embossing and varied plank tones for fashion-forward style, Deja New Flooring by Metroflor in Coastal Oak Oxidized provides both a savvy, eye-catching visual and waterproof protection that's a great fit for life with dogs. For even greater confidence when purchasing dog-friendly flooring, investigates products with specific ‘Pet Warranties’ that guarantee quality performance from your surfaces. 

Pet Friendly Wood Flooring for Kitchen - Twenty and Oak

How can I maintain my floors with dogs in the home?

After selecting your favorite dog-friendly floors that offer durability, scratch resistance, and the appropriate level of moisture protection, you can take extra steps to make daily and weekly maintenance even easier. Always make sure to keep the nails on your dogs trimmed to reduce scratches against the surface of your floors. Brush your pooches regularly to reduce the presence of dog hair and dander, then sweep and vacuum your floors weekly to remove these particles from the floor before they become abrasive. Place outdoor entry mats and machine-washable area rugs inside the home as added protection against accidents, spills, and tracked-in debris. Make sure to also place mats with appropriate backing underneath all dog bowls to keep moisture and food off your floors. Depending on which toys your pups love the most, you may need to remove any harder toys that get dragged across the surface. As promptly as you can, wipe up all moisture, puddles, and stains using a gentle flooring-specific cleaner approved by your flooring manufacturer.

Talk to a Flooring Expert for Advice!

With the right easy to maintain flooring options for dogs, you can enjoy life with your canine companions in your home all the time! Make sure to explore other helpful enhanced features such as attached padding that can aid in sound insulation, antimicrobial protection, and warmth underfoot. Take our Floor Genius Quiz to receive dog-friendly recommendations that suit your design vision and schedule an appointment with a Twenty & Oak dealer to help complete the spaces where you can spend time enjoying your pups every day!
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Twenty & Oak Flooring Experts are a team of flooring professionals with over 150 years of combined experience in the industry. They have hands-on experience with all flooring types and bring inside industry know-how to homeowners in the Southeast. 

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