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How to Choose Home Office Flooring

To get the best out of your workweek, it helps to have a stylish office tailored to your favorite tastes that will help make each workday more enjoyable. For many, the last twelve months have created new working-at-home situations, whether it’s a mixed-model between working at home and a professional setting or working out of the home entirely! If you have a home office already designed to the nines, then your transition was probably smoother than those without a curated workspace. With kids, pets, and the average active household chaos, it becomes even more imperative to complete a personal place of productivity to suit your preferences and needs. 

Now is the time to create a home office that will allow you to always accomplish your weekly output no matter the circumstances that may arise. Even if the office space in your home isn’t a separate room, you can personalize a specific area that will have you primed for success. From furniture and accessories to paint colors and flooring, all of these elements will pull your space together. So what flooring is best for offices? That will depend on a variety of household factors and your personal taste. Here are a few of our top tips when choosing the best flooring for home office spaces: 

Table of Contents
Where is your office located in the home?
What is the most durable office flooring?
What are the hottest office flooring trends?
What office flooring is best for a basement?

Where is your office located in the home?

Before you visit Pinterest and social media to gather your favorite home office flooring ideas, it’s important to assess where your office falls within the household. If your office is a separate room in the house, you will have the opportunity to create a contained design that’s all your own and have more flooring options as a result. Conversely, if your office space is within an open floorplan or visible from other rooms, you may want to match the office design scheme and flooring similar to the rest of the home. You may find that creating an office in the basement is the best way to eliminate distractions and concentrate easier, which will reduce the number of flooring options. The amount of natural light that your home office location receives will also aid the decision-making process. If your office space is a smaller, nontraditional area in the home, our Purchasing Flooring for Small Rooms Guide can help you figure out which flooring options will be most suitable:

What is the most durable office flooring?

Since your home office will generally contain heavier pieces of furniture such as hutches, desks, chairs, sofas, and storage cabinets, carpeting can easily get crushed over time, as well as become stained from spilled coffee and have more difficulty withstanding everyday wear and tear. Without a doubt, the most durable flooring for home office spaces are stylish hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl, and sheet vinyl varieties. Many of our laminate and vinyl collections will also add valuable sound absorption thanks to the attached pad underneath. Quality underlayment such as East Bay Supply Co products are always advised for products that don’t come with an attached pad, important for eliminating hollow sounds and absorbing moisture. If you go with wood flooring for office design and as a value-adding investment to your property, it is also wise to use a protective mat under your office chair to prevent scratches and scuffs from active chair wheels. No matter which valuable hard surface flooring option you decide to install, you can easily add hip, colorful area rugs for a touch of softness, warmth, and engaging texture.  

What are the hottest office flooring trends?

No matter what your favorite design scheme is from rustic farmhouse to sleek modern, you can create an office that appeals to your fashion-forward senses! Cool, darker wood tones like Classic Engineered Flooring by Somerset in color Urban Gray are thriving in 2021, as well as popular bright, airy species such as Woodlands oak by Hearthwood in color Sunkissed. Grey and greige wood visuals including Hydrana Laminate by Beauflor in Gyant Grey are easy-to-style neutrals that are versatile enough to fit multiple design schemes. Plank installations such as chevron, herringbone, and parquet are perfect for inspiring intellectual creativity. You can add savvy area rugs to indulge in your favorite trending shade such as Pantone’s 2021 colors of the year Ultimate Gray (17-5104) and Illuminating (13-0647). Use light gray tones to increase the visual space of your office, yellow to add confidence and vibrancy, red to stimulate high-energy, and calm blues and greens to inspire focus and efficiency. After your office flooring meets your preferred design scheme, you can use our tips for How to Set Up a Home Office to complete your workstation with desks, chairs, organized storage, and lighting!

What office flooring is best for a basement?

When it comes to your basement, luxury vinyl, sheet vinyl, and laminate flooring options will be the best fit due to the below-grade suitability and water-resistant qualities. Perfect for capturing any desirable species, you can use both luxury vinyl and laminate flooring for office layouts that resemble authentic solid wood floors. Attractive, affordable sheet vinyl varieties like BlackTex HD Flooring by Beauflor in Purist Oat showcase the hottest looks and represent just how far modern innovation has brought this valuable category. Vinyl is inherently waterproof and perfect for handling high-moisture conditions. It’s always important to verify that the laminate product you love is suitable for basement conditions and our experts are ready to help you do just that: 


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