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What is LVP?

As versatile luxury vinyl flooring continues to thrive with homeowners, builders, and designers alike, the resurgence of the resilient category in recent years shows no signs of slowing down. Easy to purchase and install, these stunningly realistic options are perfect for completing a design refresh, matching flooring throughout the home, or getting a property ready to list on the market quickly. To capture an authentic hardwood, concrete, or stone visual, luxury vinyl plank, also known as LVP, can help you achieve your ultimate flooring vision with greater ease than you may have ever imagined. So, what is LVP exactly? Here’s a quick breakdown of a valuable flooring solution that can uplift the entire home: 
How is LVP constructed? 
As the name suggests, luxury vinyl planks are long, narrow planks that are more rigid and thicker than sheet vinyl, composed of thick PVC with a design layer and additional layers on top. Designed to emulate the most popular hard surface flooring styles, the design layer features the realistic tones and textures that capture authentic visuals. The thickness and additional top layers such as ceramic bead wear layers combine to create the durability, scratch resistance, and stain resistance that previous vinyl products couldn’t provide. In addition to vinyl offering a waterproof material, many LVP options are warranted for premium moisture protection anywhere in the home. Many waterproof luxury vinyl plank styles such as Pure by Beauflor in Columbian Oak Mist even feature air-tight locking installation technology so your waterproof LVP floors go down fast, adhesive-free, and over many existing flooring types. This valuable LVP construction allows you to have the look of genuine wood in rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, laundry rooms, and basements. 

What are the benefits of LVP? 
When it comes to an active home with kids and pets, there is no greater LVP benefit than waterproof protection on which you can rely! You don’t have to fear spills, accidents, puddles, wet clothes, or towels because your waterproof LVP floors can handle the moisture. Real wood can easily be compromised by moisture and represent a major loss of money if damaged. Not only is LVP more affordable to purchase and install than hardwood, but it is also much easier to maintain than wood and repair if needed! For protection against pet claws, nails, high heels, boots, and cleats– the kind of surface offenders that can cause scratches, scuffs, and gouges to softer hardwood species– scratch-resistant LVP with enhanced wear layers will keep your surfaces looking pristine. In fact, other than sweeping your LVP floors to remove particles, you can simply wipe up any stains, spots, and mop with a gentle cleaner whenever needed! Some LVP collections such as MetroFlor’s Engage Inception 120 are even Assure Certified for product ingredient safety, indoor air quality, and performance standards. Along with attached pad for sound insulation, greater comfort underfoot, and antimicrobial properties, LVP offers a tremendous number of benefits that few other flooring options can match. 

What are the hottest LVP looks?
Thanks to the wide-ranging selection of LVP visuals, you can use these styles to mirror the hottest hard surface looks in the market. The waterproof protection means you can seamlessly design an open floorplan with a trending bleached hardwood look like Deja New Flooring by Metroflor in Alleyway Soft White, even in rooms that experience moisture.  Natural toned hardwood is thriving in 2022 as the perfect way to use natural light to brighten rooms, so an option such as Parkway Pro Click by Beauflor in Barley 3.4 MM is a fantastic choice to capture this effect. Certain LVP products, including Parkway Pro from Beauflor, can easily and more affordably help you capture chic herringbone, parquet, or chevron patterned installations thanks to their 360 degree locking system. Whether you’re looking to craft a modern, minimal space or foster a connection to nature with organic luxury, a stone-look LVP such as Essence by Beauflor in DISA 797M Tile will add effortless elegance. As many designers turn to minimal concrete floors for hip, industrial interiors with a touch of vintage appeal, concrete luxury vinyl plank varieties including Deja New Flooring by Metroflor in Smooth Concrete Stoneware are perfect for completing this understated interior. 

Talk to a Flooring Expert for Advice!

There are plenty of reasons to love our vast array of stylish LVP options and our Floor Genius Quiz can help you narrow down your favorite varieties to fit your d├ęcor preferences. Pick your three favorite LVP looks and order your free samples to see how the colors appear in your favorite rooms. Schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with our dedicated concierge service to assist you in your flooring journey!
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