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Hardwood floors are inviting in any room and are a great investment in a home.  There are many options in hardwood from timeless, classic styles to modern techniques and design.  Engineered hardwood is versatile for any environment and can be installed on any level of a home.  Solid hardwood is a good choice for mild climates with low humidity.  Both hardwood options are available in different wood species, surface treatments, stain colors, and plank sizes.

Flooring samples are available for every product.  Choose your samples and use code THREEFORFREE to get your first three samples for free!

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Buying Guide

Engineered vs. Solid Hardwood Flooring

The differences in these two options may surprise you.  Take an in-depth look at the construction of naturally beautiful engineered and solid hardwood flooring.  

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Modern Hardwood Styles

Smoked, fumed, dual stained, multi-colors....modern hardwood design takes style and character to a new level

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