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Latest in Flooring Trends

New products, new colors, new styles: The world of flooring and home design is always full of exciting possibilities! We’ve all been reminded of the value of maximizing our space at home and creating inspired interiors that the entire family can enjoy.  Are you ready to begin a fantastic design refresh that will add new life throughout the household? read more

Whether you prefer a classic décor scheme or want to indulge in one or more of the latest flooring trends, our interior design and flooring experts will help you understand the latest in floor fashion and home design. We’re ready to help you complete a remodel that makes you fall in love with your favorite rooms all over again. Maybe you want to explore the gorgeous wood flooring trends that are thriving with homeowners such as cool, darker tones or the lighter-toned, airy wood species that shine with natural light. Perhaps you want to investigate waterproof luxury vinyl and laminate flooring trends like hip gray and greige plank variations that realistically emulate the latest trends in hardwood flooring to perfection. Consider capturing engaging, timeless style and versatile performance with geometric patterned and large format patterned tiles, as well as a creative herringbone or parquet installation layout full of visual interest. When you are ready to begin, schedule a Twenty & Oak online showroom tour with our experts and receive up to 3 free flooring samples of your favorite trends shipped directly to your home free of charge. It’s time to learn about all the in-demand visuals and distinctive textures that are taking the industry by storm!
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Inspiration for Your Next Room Renovation Project

Every season brings new opportunities to add flair to your home whether it’s sprucing up a cozy nook or remodeling a whole floor.  If you’re looking to transform a room for your family or get your property ready to list on the market, it always helps to gather flooring ideas and home renovation tips as you start your project! read more

Before making any material purchase decisions, we always recommend putting together your favorite remodeling ideas, determining the design style you love, and list out any of your must-have elements. This step will help you make your ultimate design vision a reality and ensure the perfect combination of details, materials, tones, and personal preferences. From using natural light effectively to creating the ideal seamless flow throughout an open floorplan, the proper inspiration will help you achieve flawless renovation results.  There are even more considerations prior to beginning your renovation than you may realize! Based on your household activity level, you may need to invest in materials with extreme durability and waterproof qualities. Have you thought about creating any new design focal points or standout elements that will create visual interest? To prevent your finished rooms from appearing unbalanced or overwhelmed, make sure that all elements such as countertops, backsplashes, and cabinetry are complimentary to your floors. It’s all about balancing artistic accents with materials and tones that will fit your household design scheme while adding unique touches that complete a personalized, one-of-a-kind feel. Schedule a Twenty & Oak online showroom tour with our experts and we will help you bring home free flooring samples to jumpstart your home’s exciting new makeover.
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Flooring Picks from the Experts

Every homeowner wants to achieve an incredible look for the home that captures a favorite design style without appearing too dated or too outlandish. However, it can be difficult with the fast pace of daily life and managing an active home to stay up to speed on the hottest flooring trends. read more

As you begin to craft a new look for your home, it’s a great idea to explore the latest interior designer flooring picks for initial inspiration and added guidance. Whether you’re looking for the best flooring for kitchen design or the best flooring for the bathroom, Twenty & Oak flooring experts can help you explore the best flooring for every room of your home!  From flooring to home design, our stylists share their latest finds, dish on all things flooring, and give a behind-the-scenes look at our favorite brands. If you love the visual interest that patterned flooring provides, gathering expert advice can help you find the perfect pop that helps you avoid monotony without overwhelming a space. Perhaps you’re looking to capture rustic wood beauty from your floors but don’t have the budget for genuine hardwood planks. Find out which brand-new gorgeous laminate, luxury vinyl, and engineered wood products can help you transform your bathrooms, mudroom, kitchen, and more. There’s no need to begin your next project without feeling confident about your style direction: Check out flooring picks from the experts and bring home free flooring samples to see how they will look in your favorite rooms.

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