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Brand Spotlight: Raintree Flooring

Laguna Vibes flooring

Given the choice, many homeowners would choose hardwood floors. Their natural appearance looks gorgeous and handsome in any room. However, hardwood floors have their limitations, especially in wetter areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. For these rooms, homeowners would lean towards more practical flooring options such as a wood plastic composite (WPC), luxury vinyl tiles (LVTs), and luxury vinyl planks (LVPs).

But today, there’s a much better option. For those who have their heart set on seeing real hardwoods when they walk in the door, but still need the waterproof practicality, let Twenty & Oak introduce you to Raintree flooring

As more homeowners and retailers have begun to move toward waterproof options, it still holds true that all-natural hardwood flooring is what homeowners prefer–and for good reason. Its inherent natural beauty far outweighs the look of a stamped wood grain repeat. Hardwood floors will always, without a doubt, increase a home’s resale value. 

American OEM, who has consistently made lovely floors (such as Hearthwood), saw the need to create the perfect flooring product, and set out to combine hardwood flooring with stone plastic composite (SPCs). This exclusive product, called Raintree, is like nothing else on the market today! And it is true hardwood!

The Growing Trend Towards Waterproof Hardwoods

Hardwood flooring has long been considered suboptimal when it comes to water resistance in active homes. Homeowners didn’t want to worry about accidents or standing water when it came to children and pets. Instead, they desired a high-performing product that allowed less worry and maintenance, which has led to the increased popularity of waterproof luxury vinyl floors. 

Hardwood flooring manufacturers have taken notice of the new flooring trends which has led them to create the ultimate, high-performing product that today's homeowners desire.. 

The International Surface Event noted several manufacturers with new wood-based products capable of withstanding water and moisture through the use of a hybrid core or improved coatings. The first iterations were not as attractive as true hardwoods and had a plastic-like surface and quality. It wasn’t until Raintree was introduced that waterproof hardwoods became a viable product, as they were able to really capture that genuine hardwood look that homeowners love, while still offering high performance.   

Now, these newfangled hardwood floors are giving engineered wood, wood plastic composites (WPCs), luxury vinyl tiles and planks (LVTs and LVPs) a real run for their money-and for good reason.

Raintree flooring in kitchen

Reasons to Purchase Raintree Flooring

Raintree is a waterproof hardwood flooring brand for the new era. Raintree flooring addresses the homeowner’s concerns with accident-prone kids and pets, allowing less worry over standing spills. But there are many more practical reasons to purchase this durable, multi-layer flooring material. 

Can Help Increase Home Resale Value—Hardwood floors and waterproof floors can both be investments toward your home. However, before, you had to choose between them. With Raintree, you can have the best of both worlds. In fact, the National Hardwood Association classifies Raintree as real hardwoods. This means that you can list your home as having real hardwood floors, which can increase your home’s resale value.

Lifetime Residential Warranty–Raintree is an unmatched and revolutionary hybrid flooring. The company stands behind the quality and the integrity of their craft by offering a lifetime warranty on all Raintree collections.   

Hybrid Construction—Raintree is constructed of 1.2 mm genuine hardwood veneer that is bonded with a dense 5 mm NINJA Core H2O™, a rigid composite core that is stronger than engineered woods and wood plastic composite (WPC) flooring. 

Sustainability—The 1.2 mm veneer surface is an all-natural hardwood that is Lacey Act Compliant, an environmental certification for flooring that regulates species imports and prevents the spread of invasive, non-native woods. 

Heat Resistance—With NINJA Core technology, it offers a stronger heat resistance than normal WPC.

Acoustical Backing—A 1 mm Irradiated Cross-linked Polyethylene (IXPE) foam padding is attached, offering a tight microcellular foam that tampers sounds and provides a layer of insulation. 

Pet-Friendly—Raintree’s NINJA Pet Guard™ finish not only protects against accidents, but it acts as a scratch-resistant barrier with urethane and aluminum oxide.  

Easy to Install—UNICLIC Precision Milled Tongue and Groove allows for easy installation and also a glueless installation, eliminating open joints and allowing easy repairs and replacement. 

No Repeated Prints and Patterns–Unlike other waterproof floors that merely use a repeated wood print, Raintree is real wood with its natural raw wood grain enhanced only by using stains and textures. 

Variety of Styles and Colors—Raintree is offered in a variety of styles and colors. When the collection initially launched, it had 14 SKUs across three collections:

  • Aspen Estates features European white oak, with wood grain colors that add dimension and an airy look. 

  • Laguna Vibes gives a textured wire brush character delicately accentuated by a low-gloss finish.

  • Nashville Scene offers a veneer straight from Tennessee hickory hardwoods. Both a rustic and modern character, this Raintree collection offers a brushed texture and wide, heirloom planks.  

Raintree flooring in dining room


For most homeowners, water and moisture can cause a lot of headaches and worries. But while vinyl used to be the go-to top choice for waterproof flooring, eliminating this concern, this is simply no longer true. 

Like the Raintree collection, there have been numerous exciting advances in hardwood flooring’s ability to withstand water just as well as its competitors–WPC, LVTs and LVPs. 

So, if you have your hopes set on installing absolutely real hardwood floors for a gorgeously natural look, hardwood flooring is still within grasp. To get a look at these beautiful Raintree hardwoods, contact a trusted, local dealer

Twenty & Oak Flooring Experts 
Twenty & Oak Flooring Experts are a team of flooring professionals with over 150 years of combined experience in the industry. They have hands-on experience with all flooring types and bring inside industry know-how to homeowners in the Southeast. 

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