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Laminate Floors Spotlight: Beauflor Hydrana

Today’s hard surface flooring options are plentiful.  Luxury vinyl planks and tiles have steadily been gaining traction and rightly so, since manufacturers are ever adding enhanced realistic visuals and performance features.  As a result, laminate has become somewhat of a side note in recent years, following its gangbuster debut in the US in the mid 1990’s.  However, don’t be so quick to overlook this category today. 
Beauflor has just introduced a brand new line that is already turning heads and setting new sights for the future of laminate.  Hydrana water resistant laminate brings back the “wow” factor to this product category, reminiscent of its glory days.
This new, innovative laminate solution delivers a
package of features and benefits that checks all the boxes.
Do you love the stunning visuals of timeworn, rustic hardwood floors? 
But you cringe at the thought of ruining them with your lifestyle, and need a tough solution with stunning style.
The embossed in register real wood feel and 4-sided painted bevel add the natural style and visuals of authentic hardwood.  Ultra wide and long planks in eight warm, diverse colors will satisfy your discerning style.
Hydrana Gyant Natural
No one likes a noisy or uncomfortable floor.
Don’t assume you have to compromise in order to enjoy the benefits of a durable, hard surface. 
The attached pad conquers the annoying, noisy clacking of shoes, pet nails or whatever your household brings across the surface of Hydrana.  This added feature also provides improved warmth and comfort underfoot for a hard surface that creates a relaxing environment in your home.
Is bath time a main event in your home? 
Does the pet water bowl usually have less water in it than on the floor?  You need a floor that will hold up to spills, spatters and bubbles that you might not be able to wipe up until life gives you a break.

Unlike most water resistant options, the Hydrana locking system provides a tight seal to lock out spills for up to 72 hours.  That’s in addition to the superior wear layer that is impact, stain and scratch resistant; boasting the highest durability classification in the laminate category.
 Beauflor Hydrana Canyon Grey
Do you need a quick and easy installation? 
You are busy and need to stick to a tight calendar, but you want your installation done right, completed on time, with a beautiful result.
The Hydrana locking system and attached pad team up for a no-fuss, fast installation with no need for glue or nails.  The Valinge 5G® system features a flexible plastic tongue with a fold and lock process that clicks and secures both vertically and horizontally.  The attached pad eliminates the need and cost of underlayment and helps to smooth over small imperfections in the subfloor.
 Photo Credit: Valinge Innovation
With lifetime and water resistance warranties, you can be confident Hydrana will stay as beautiful as the day it was installed.  Twenty & Oak proudly offers samples of Beauflor’s Hydrana water resistant laminate. You can visit a retail showroom in your neighborhood for expert guidance in your selection process.
Twenty & Oak Flooring Experts
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