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Minimalist Home Design Ideas: 3 Flooring Options to Choose from

Minimalism is about simplicity and bare essentials. It allows an open and airy space, free of clutter and inviting of creativity and tranquility. Many homeowners love the concept of minimalism portrayed in retail stores, chic restaurants and peaceful spas. But how exactly does one go about transforming to a minimalist home interior?

It’s actually quite easy! Whether you wish to create a minimalist home office, free of distractions, or want to maintain a more relaxing bedroom atmosphere, Twenty & Oak is here to help you gather some minimalist home design ideas. With this post, we’ll lay the groundwork with fundamental tips, plus we’ll explore a few inspirational flooring types to ground the overall look.

Cottage Creek Flooring by Azalea Lane, Gainesboro
Cottage Creek Flooring by Azalea Lane, Gainesboro

Minimalist Home Design Tips

Before we get into the best flooring options for minimalist home design, it’s important to understand what minimalism is all about at its core and its principal values. Here are a few design tips. 

Less Is More + Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to minimalist home design, there are a few mantras: “Less is more” and “quality over quantity.” Essentially, this means to reduce cluttered decor and purchase items that are intended to last. Add a few select, unique pieces that you love and want to showcase. Nothing more.

Nashville Scene Flooring by Raintree Waterproof Hardwood, White Rock
Nashville Scene Flooring by Raintree Waterproof Hardwood, Hermitage

Choose a Monochromatic Color Palette

Stick with monochromatic, pale colors and neutral shades of whites and gray. Create a foundation of soothing neutral-tone floors for a wonderful minimalist style. On the other hand, you can also go bold with a dark gray or black. 

Embrace Natural Elements

Since minimalist design works best with light shades and few colors, embrace natural elements instead. Draw in nature with potted houseplants and remove curtains to invite in sunlight and see the outdoors. 

Hydrana Water-Resistant Laminate by Beauflor, Texas Brown
Hydrana Water-Resistant Laminate by Beauflor, Texas Brown

Add Textures for Visual Interest

Bring in textures through decor and accessories to create more visual interest in a space. Consider adding textures such as a wool area rug or cotton throw draped over a sofa or bed. Accent tables with slick marble tops and porcelain bowls add a minimal touch, too.  


The Best Flooring for Minimalist Home Design 

Tennessee Trails Flooring by Hearthwood, White Rock

Tennessee Trails Flooring by Hearthwood, White Rock

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is one of the most desired floor types for homes. Although there is a timeless and classic appeal, hardwoods come in many modern styles and can be transformed or selected to give a more minimalist approach. When selecting hardwoods, stick to a muted or pale color wood tone, such as oak, birch or maple. Check out Hearthwood’s Tennessee Trails White Rock for a subtle, light shade and Veranda’s Charleston Flooring Pluff Mud for a more dramatic dark hue. 

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Vinyl Sheet Flooring

BlackTex HD Flooring by Beauflor, Deco Cotton

BlackTex HD Flooring by Beauflor, Deco Cotton

Despite its reputation for looking outdated, vinyl flooring has come a long way.  Today, you can find many styles of vinyl sheet that resemble anything from hardwoods to tiles, complete with a high-resolution print film made possible by imaging technology. Check out Beauflor’s BlackTex HD Flooring collection for some lovely flooring options, which are also waterproof and have a textile backing to reduce noises and echoes in a clutter-free, minimal space. 

Luxury Vinyl Planks and Tiles

Essence by Beauflor, DISA 797M TILE

Essence by Beauflor, DISA 797M TILE

Luxury vinyl planks and tiles can appear like natural materials, such as stained concrete and elegant stonework. Beauflor’s Essence flooring collection, which offers a range of patterns in weathered woods and aged concretes, lending an industrial vibe to your minimalist home design. Have the cool and collected look without moving your entire family into a loft in the city.

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT), especially, can resemble beautiful stone slabs of luxurious, striated marbles and granites, which are perfect for minimalist homes. Luxury vinyl floors are also easy to maintain and relatively affordable. If you have a minimally designed kitchen or a bathroom you wish to transform into a spa-like retreat, a luxury vinyl plank or tile is ideal, looking spectacular while offering a waterproof resistance. 

Inspired to Create a Minimalist Home?

Minimalism is not for everyone. Families with kids may find it challenging to keep a minimalist, clutter-free home–as hard as they try. However, even if you incorporate minimalism into your master bedroom suite, extended into a resort-inspired bathroom where you can go to unwind, use this guide to reflect back to the fundamentals.   

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