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You truly never know when inspiration will hit you, or where it will come from. Maybe you were early for a hair appointment and saw a striking image in a magazine ad that you couldn’t pull your eyes from. Perhaps you were walking into a chic boutique hotel or home furnishings shop, and BAM, that design inspiration you’ve been searching for hits you in an instant! 

When you see the look and style of an interior that feels like you, you light up and immediately start imagining the familiar rooms in your home with similar décor. Simply put: when you know, you know. And once you have a look in mind, then it’s all about finding the right pieces to bring that amazing theme into your home. 
Before you can hunt for gorgeous anchor pieces of furniture, curtains, paint colors, and favorite accessories, you need to select the perfect flooring to serve as the design foundation for your dream refresh that will also stay within budget and serve your household with ideal performance. 

From the busy speed of daily life to the amount of dazzling flooring choices that you can select from, sometimes the home designing process can feel overwhelming. The best way to start is by first narrowing down the style you adore, and then matching a flooring construction and visual that supports the theme as strongly as it does your home activity level. Every flooring product on Twenty & Oak has been hand-selected for outstanding performance, beautiful craftsmanship, durability, environmental sustainability, and you guessed it, stunning style. 

Now, Twenty & Oak has teamed up with talented designers to curate our new Twenty & Oak Style Boxes that capture six of the most-desired, trending home aesthetics and can help you bring home flooring to match your favorite vibe. It helps to have someone who knows the style you love, hand-select products that match your favorite look and help make the design process easier and faster. Beautiful flooring is the foundation of fabulous home design and it’s time to find style that suits YOU!

I. How to Pick a Style for Your Home II.Why You Need Flooring Samples III. How a Style Box Can Help Your Design Process

How to Schedule a Complimentary Flooring Consultation

I. How to Pick a Style for Your Home

Whether you love to follow trends, lean into classics, or find your preferences somewhere in between, tailoring your stylish rooms to the personality of you and your family ensures long-lasting satisfaction, premium enjoyment, and years of fun memories to be made. As the foundation of every room, the right flooring choices will anchor and enhance your design theme, bringing your vision to life. Your favorite flooring shades, textures, finishes, and visuals all help capture the ideal appeal. Our Twenty & Oak Design Boxes highlight six of the most popular aesthetics that provide incredible style in homes everywhere. Here’s a quick break down on how flooring fits into these favorite themes:

Boho Global Decor


For an eclectic, slightly edgy style that lends an air of carefree sophistication, Boho Global style box design is grounded in natural elements such as rich character hardwood with distinct graining and pronounced textures. Combining an easygoing Bohemian vibe with elements gathered in wide-ranging travels, this aesthetic allows you to reflect your personality without adhering to super strict design principles. Leaning towards artistic layers within a space, Boho Global floors often highlight stand-out colors, patterns, and textures. Eye-catching mixed-shade flooring styles and patterned plank installations will add to a hip room scene, topped off with a bold area rug for vibrant appeal. Boho Global allows you to craft a relaxed, individualistic feel to your home inspired by your favorite places. 

Coastal Home Decor


If you love the soothing seaside feel of a cool breeze and the sound of crashing waves, the serene inspiration behind Coastal Home style box could easily be the style for you. Drawing from organic elements and natural colors found by the ocean, coastal chic interiors are extremely popular to help achieve tranquility indoors. Light wood floors with a matte finish are a perfect match for this style, as are weathered wood visuals with knots and graining that remind us of wooden piers and boardwalks. Browns, tans, and even white-washed tones can usher in the laid-back appeal effortlessly. You can even explore darker wood tones if your coastal vision leans closer toward a Tropical Modern aesthetic. Just remember to keep your finishes natural and ultra-low gloss for an authentic beachy feel. 

French Country Modern Decor


Equal parts elegant and welcoming, French Country Modern design is vintage-inspired, distressed, and comfortable all at once. Antiqued furniture will add the old-world feel, while shimmery touches of gold and silver within mirrored side tables, mirrors, candlesticks, or a chandelier will add luxury. To complement this refined-yet-rustic décor style, natural wood flooring with the time-worn look of century-old floors is at the core of this design. Polished wood floors will complement a muted color palette beautifully and use natural light to perfection. This traditional European cottage style is both comfortable and chic, polished and lived in. French Country Modern may just offer the perfect balance for you!

Traditional Home Decor


Highlighting fine quality, refined detail, and classic appeal, Traditional Home design showcases elegance that will stand the test of time. Stylish without being trendy, traditional floors represent luxury and time-honored craftsmanship. Regal oak, hickory, or maple hardwood planks provide an unmistakable presence that grounds the room in opulence and reassures the longstanding performance they will provide. In this case, a glossy finish can be utilized to provide a pristine sheen when light hits traditional flooring. Add a beautiful woven wool rug, antiques, and high-quality furnishings to round out an inspired interior that commands attention and esteem. 

Rustic Home Decor


A warm color palette, comfortable furnishings, and time-worn elements that feel natural to the home are characteristics that make Rustic Home design cross style boundaries. Whether you call it ‘farmhouse chic,’ ‘rustic vogue,’ or ‘cottage core,’ this design theme emphasizes coziness, authenticity, and rugged beauty with a strong connection to the great outdoors and natural materials. Natural wood floors with visible knots and high texture variation are key to this aesthetic. Rich hardwood planks full of character, as well as striking LVT and laminate wood looks with weathered details, will bring this look to life. A wide range of colors and staining can work well for rustic floors, and a lot will depend on the colors in the rooms and the light that comes in to determine the perfect fit. 

Modern Minimalist Flooring


With its sleek sophistication, Modern Minimalist design appreciates clean lines, simple shapes, and quiet elegance. Functional modern homes bring purpose, precision, and proportion to the forefront. Every element of the home from the flooring to the furnishings feels highly curated and carefully selected. Trademark clean lines add balance, while neutrals like black, white, gray, and beige will help create the minimalistic approach. Wood looks will favor white, gray, and dark stained wood tones with muted finishes, while exposed concrete and cool monochromatic stone and tile visuals can also capture this focused design profile. Add appropriate area rugs with geometric patterns, shapes, and linear elements throughout the home for subtle softness and visual interest. 

II. Why You Need Flooring Samples

In addition to being fun to handle and compare, flooring samples serve crucial purposes when narrowing down your favorite floors: You can fall in love with a style online, but you need an up-close look at the color, design, and texture of your favorite style to ensure you love it in person. Flooring samples allow you to get an accurate assessment of how different options will appear in a specific room, and how styles will appear with the lighting and natural light that a room receives. Each Twenty & Oak Design Box features hard surface flooring samples of the most in-demand constructions to fit your favorite aesthetic. Here are a few of the flooring types that will complete the rooms you cherish: 

Hardwood Flooring

In addition to being the most diverse category of flooring, hardwood floors add the most value as a material and are consistently at the top of homebuyer surveys as the most preferred flooring option. Available in an incredible range of wood species, stains, plank widths, surface treatments, and gloss levels, there truly is a hardwood floor for any home design that will help create an undeniable first impression. Constructed from either engineered or solid wood, hardwood flooring will be the most durable option that remains attractive and performs better for the longest. Although they are typically a more expensive flooring option that will require more care than other hard surface flooring types, hardwood floors are considered an investment and will increase the value of a home. 

Laminate Flooring

Designed to mimic the look of genuine wood floors, high-quality laminate flooring provides active homes with hardwood realism along with exceptional durability and valuable performance. Laminate planks feature a heavy, sturdy construction that can handle foot traffic and handle moisture better than wood while resisting dents and scratches that can come from busy households with kids and pets. These versatile floors offer the look of wood floors at a more affordable price, helping to complete a rustic, cottage, or coastal aesthetic for less! Many laminate flooring options are suitable for installation on any level of the home, with multiple installation method options, but you need to verify with the manufacturer’s guidelines for the grade and conditions of your room first. Another bonus of laminate flooring: This low-maintenance option is much cheaper and less time-consuming to install and maintain than hardwood flooring. 

Luxury Vinyl Plank or Tile

Available in realistic planks, tiles, and high-quality rolls, luxury vinyl flooring has become increasingly popular for active households thanks to its family-friendly and pet-friendly nature. Luxury vinyl planks authentically replicate the hottest wood, stone, and concrete visuals while being waterproof, durable, scratch and scuff resistant, easy to maintain, and can be installed in any room of the home. Although luxury vinyl will not add as much value as a material, you can use the widest, longest plank formats to create realistic finished floors with more upscale appeal and presence. Patterned plank installations such as herringbone, chevron, parquet, or diagonal stripe pattern can add even more realism and visual interest to your space. Along with sound-deadening underlayment that reduces noise and adds more comfort underfoot, this resilient waterproof flooring option is incredibly easy to maintain and can help you complete your favorite aesthetic with an easy floating, click-lock installation that requires no adhesives.

III. How a Style Box Can Help Your Design Process

When you have landed on a home style that you are head over heels for, there’s no need for the flooring selection process to be stressful or overwhelming. In fact, incorporating the look you love into your home should be fun, easy, and efficient! Each of the six different Twenty & Oak Design Boxes showcases trending aesthetics and styles in interior design that can help you find the perfect flooring and construction quicker. In addition to hand-selected hardwood, laminate, and luxury vinyl samples, inspirational lifestyle photography, and educational characteristics, each box provides a free consultation with a Flooring Pro. Let’s remove any intimidation from the flooring selection process and make each step easy to follow and enjoyable. After all, designing a home you love is a special time. Maybe you can send the perfect inspiration right to your front door!

find your STyle

IV. How to Schedule a Complementary Flooring Consultation

Each Twenty & Oak Design Box also includes the opportunity to schedule a complimentary flooring consultation with our Flooring Pros. During the free consultation, our Flooring Pro will go over who lives in your house to help you pick the right flooring construction to support the activity level. We would also love to hear your thoughts on the flooring samples in your Design Box and can’t wait to hear about your flooring project. Your Flooring Pro can make recommendations, send additional samples if necessary, and help you make an informed decision based on style and performance needs.

Ready to meet up? We are available by phone, email, text, and video conference, and appointments are available Monday through Friday of each week. We can help you learn more about the gorgeous floors in your style box, arrange an in-person meeting for you in your local Twenty & Oak flooring retailer’s showroom, as well as help you get a free quote and schedule installation when ready. It’s time to make the flooring selection process easier than ever before.
  Schedule a consult


We know how challenging it can be to capture the style you love, so modern shopping processes continue to be transformed with the times! Along with online resources such as our Virtual Showroom and our Flooring Genius Quiz, our Twenty & Oak Design Boxes are part of our personalized experience that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. Save time, energy, and resources for the things that you love to do, and we will continue to assist your journey in any way we can!
Twenty & Oak Experts 
Twenty & Oak Flooring Experts are a team of flooring professionals with over 150 years of combined experience in the industry. They have hands-on experience with all flooring types and bring inside industry know-how to homeowners in the Southeast. 

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