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Home / Renovation Tips / 3 Ideas for Creating a Craft Room in Your Home

Whether you’re an independent Etsy seller and own a crafts business or enjoy quilting or scrapbooking as a leisurely activity, a craft room can be an inspiring retreat. As a creative person, a craft room would be a dream come true, instead of working at your dining table or sofa. 

As a creative, you probably have tons of ideas on how to personalize the space and make it everything you’ve ever imagined. Sometimes, it helps to take a step back and see the forest through the trees. In other words, before you go decorating and getting creative, it pays to see the big picture. 

Here are three practical considerations when it comes to creating a craft room in your home. 

1. Choose an Adequate Room

When it comes to creating a craft room, you first must start with selecting an adequate space. Since colors play a major role in your artistry, choose a room that gets abundant sunlight. This could be anything from a spacious bedroom to a sunroom

One ideal feature to consider for a craft room is a utility sink, allowing for an easy clean up of brushes or other materials so you don’t have to carry it through the house to the bathroom or kitchen.

2. Set Up Your Crafting Station

detail pottery work 

Whatever type of crafts you’re into, you need a spacious workstation to stay productive. Choose a steady work table, such as a height-adjustable drafting table or a plank supported by a trestle base on each end. If your artistic style involves messy materials and mediums, consider a metal tabletop that makes it easy to clean up. Paints and their solvents are not a friend to wood, so it’s best to stick with something more durable. 

Also, be sure to get a comfortable chair to work in. It doesn’t have to be ergonomic. In fact, many creatives prefer a stool with back support so they can easily get in and out to retrieve items. Regardless of what you choose, just be sure it’s situated at the proper height to your desk. 

Also, organize your crafting tools and supplies so they’re accessible and easy to find. Think vertical with shelving systems and use pegboard to hang tools. You could even keep everything contained and tucked away inside the room’s closet. This way, having everything in its place can allow for more creative time and less time hunting down odds and ends.

3. Choose Proper Flooring

When creating a craft room for your home, it’s important to choose proper flooring. Fortunately, there are many varieties of flooring types available for homeowners to choose from; however, much like kitchen flooring, you need something that’s durable and easy to clean up when your projects get messy.  

Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood floors can add a beautiful, natural look to your craft room. Solid and engineered hardwood come in a variety of species, finishes and shades to create a unique and creative space. 

Hardwood floors are also quite easy to clean, but this is really when it comes to minor spills. For larger spills and harsh materials like paint, it’s best to promptly wipe this up to prevent damage. Hardwood is also meant to last a very long time in your home and even increase home resale value should you ever decide to move.  Twenty & Oak’s waterproof hardwood flooring is a perfect option for any room. 

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl plank and tile also make excellent craft room floors, offering many benefits for creatives. This flooring can resemble anything from ceramic tile to genuine hardwoods to give a more luxurious design aesthetic. In addition–and unlike hardwoods–vinyl flooring is water-resistant and a breeze to clean, which is truly ideal for crafters who drop the occasional glue or paint. Their durability can stand up against everyday wear and tear. 

Capable of being installed as a floating floor or using an adhesive, they’re easy for DIYers. However, for any flooring project you take on, Twenty & Oak recommends at least reaching out to a local flooring dealer so they can help you choose the right craft room flooring and offer installation tips to help you along the way.  

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring offers a more versatile and budget-friendly option for craftsy homeowners. All laminate collections on Twenty & Oak are water-resistant. Beauflor's Encompass and Oterra collections also have an attached pad that provides noise reduction and a comfortable underfoot if you like to stand as you work. 

Like vinyl flooring, laminate floors are also durable in case you have trunks, carts or shelves you frequently move around as you work. 

Still undecided? Find your perfect craft room floor by taking our Floor Genius Quiz and be sure to check out our virtual flooring showroom.

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