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Whether you are looking to quickly complete updates to list a home on the market or simply refresh your home for premium enjoyment every day, updating your bathroom is an efficient way to achieve a new feel in a high-use area! As you get ready in the morning and later unwind after a long day, an artfully designed bathroom rejuvenates your daily routines like no other space can. Looking to craft a spa-like feel or make a smaller bathroom feel more luxurious? The best bathroom flooring will handle the conditions of your household while maximizing the space you have and achieving your preferred bathroom d├ęcor theme. Without further ado, here are a few of our favorite design refresh tips for how to choose the best bathroom floor:   

Spilled Water On Flooring

Do I need a waterproof or water-resistant bathroom floor?

From long, soothing showers that steam up the mirrors to droplets and puddles caused by wet towels, swimsuits, and splash-filled bath time for kids or pets, the best bathroom floors provide a superior level of moisture resistance around the clock. Now, the million-dollar question is will you need to install waterproof bathroom flooring or water-resistant bathroom flooring? Waterproof flooring options such as waterproof hardwood, luxury vinyl flooring, and sheet vinyl will be able to handle standing water, leaks, and daily moisture without any damage since the warranted surface does not allow water to permeate or penetrate through it. You will also be able to wet-mop when cleaning for truly easy-to-maintain bathroom flooring. Since waterproof flooring protects against all levels of chaos and unpredictability, these may be a great fit for an active house with kids and pets, frequent accidents, or a property that is rented as an Airbnb or VRBO. Water-resistant bathroom flooring options such as laminate and some engineered hardwood products can offer adequate protection against water, but you need to check the manufacturer’s warranty to ensure they offer the level of protection you need and be more mindful about promptly wiping up standing water or puddles to prevent damage. If your household is calmer and more predictable, or the bathroom in question receives fewer users and less traffic, water-resistant flooring will be able to handle the conditions with ease. Our Twenty & Oak Bathroom Flooring Buying Guide is a great resource to use while shopping for bathroom flooring and making your ultimate choice:

How do I use natural light with my bathroom floor?

No matter what type of look you want to achieve, a modern, rustic, or coastal bathroom floor will need to balance the amount of natural light that your bathroom receives. This design principle applies to both stone-look and wood-look bathroom flooring options! If your bathroom is smaller and doesn’t have bright lighting, a dark bathroom floor will make the space feel even more confined. In this instance, airy naturals, cream, grey, greige, and lighter, wire-brushed wood visuals will work perfectly, and these tones work for stone-look bathroom floors as well. However, brighter flooring does not mean boring: find a light-colored option that features striking texture or veining to prevent the overall feel from falling flat. With medium to larger bathroom spaces, or bathrooms with plenty of brightness, you can more safely opt for bold dark tones like chestnut brown for rustic bathroom flooring or charcoal and smoke for modern bathroom floors. Low-gloss, muted, and matte finishes will brighten up smaller bathrooms better, and consider using larger plank and tile formats to reduce the number of noticeable grout lines and enhance visual perspective.

Bathroom with Patterned Flooring

How can I use patterns in my bathroom floor?

For added visual interest, creativity, and luxury, you can easily use patterned installations for bathroom flooring design. With thoughtful planning, patterned bathroom floors can help produce a memorable space while working for you visually. Depending on the dimensions of your bathroom, you can trick the eye into thinking the space is bigger using a diagonal stripe bathroom installation or parquet bathroom installation to guide the perspective. Your bathroom dimensions can also influence whether a longer or shorter plank length or tile size will better open the room up. From traditional to modern bathroom flooring, a chevron or herringbone plank pattern will make any size bathroom more engaging and feel more expensive. To create a bold, unique bathroom floor, you can even mix different plank colors of the same product although it is best to work with a designer to achieve this effect. Some flooring options contain mixed plank sizes within the same box for an eye-catching finished floor with authenticity and timeless appeal. Use bathroom flooring patterns to create a feel that’s as inspired as the rest of the home!

Talk to a Twenty & Oak Flooring Expert for Advice

For even more helpful bathroom flooring ideas, take our Floor Genius Quiz to receive product recommendations that fit your design vision and schedule an appointment with a Twenty & Oak Pro  to begin the bathroom flooring installation that will elevate this space with new energy!


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