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Home / Renovation Tips / How To Update Your Floors Fast

  • If you need to update your floors fast, we recommend luxury vinyl for fast and easy installation

  • Luxury vinyl tiles and planks come in a wide selection of modern designs, including rustic wood and sleek marble tile

  • After installing your new floors, give your room a fresh look with new paint or other small touches

You haven't seen your old college roommate in a while and she just texted that she'd love to visit you next two women chatting on a sofaweekend. Of course, you say "That would be so amazing!" Then you realize...that carpet in the guest room? Not amazing.  Can you really do anything about it in a week or less?  Absolutely!

Luxury Vinyl

Our top recommendation for flooring with fast installation is luxury vinyl.  Available in tiles or planks, modern luxury vinyl designs so closely mimic hardwood floors and ceramic tile that it can be really hard to tell the difference.  However, unlike hardwood floors, most luxury vinyl brands do not need time to acclimate to a room before installing.  You can purchase most luxury vinyl and install it right out of the box on the same day.  Another great benefit is after your floors are installed, you can immediately move your furniture back into the room without any wait time.

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Fast & Easy Installation

Although we recommend professional installation whenever possible, luxury vinyl is DIY-friendly, especially if it has a good locking system.  These type of floors do not require glue or adhesive to install, but rather "float" on top of the subfloor with the planks or tiles locking together, so you can install your own vinyl flooring.

Modern Designs

From rustic wood to sleek marble tile, luxury vinyl planks and tiles are available in a myriad of modern designs. There is practically no end to your options across all brands of luxury vinyl.  So, although you are doing a fast room makeover, you can still get the style you want as if you had planned it for months. 

Long after your guests have left, your luxury vinyl floors will still be a welcome addition to your room.  Luxury vinyl is one of the easiest floors to maintain and offers great durability so they will last for years to come.

Finishing Touches

Knowing that your floors can be installed in a snap, frees you up to do other fast room updates.  Next to new floors, nothing gives a room a fresh look more than new paint.  All the big names have released their Colors of the Year for 2019 and there are some gorgeous colors just waiting to be seen on walls.  One of our favorites is Benjamin Moore's Color Trends 2019 palette in calming hues of blush pinks, soft whites, blues, and greens. 

bed with yellow throw blanket

Photo credit: iStock

Add a new, cozy throw blanket to the bed and fresh flowers on the night stand for small touches that show big hospitality.  For a personalized touch, frame a favorite picture of you and your friend to let her know that no matter what the guest room looks like, you are so happy she is there.

Still not sure about luxury vinyl flooring? Use our Floor Genius Quiz to pick the right flooring option for your home!

Additional photo credits:  (top right) iStock; Benjamin Moore Paint
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