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Home / Renovation Tips / Raintree Flooring Installed in Duke Manor Farm
If you're excited to update the flooring in your home this year, it's easy to initially feel overwhelmed by the amount of flooring styles, manufacturers, and retailers to select from. For Laura of Duke Manor Farm, this decision-making process is always worth approaching with care when she completes fantastic projects on her Northeast Georgia farm that she built with her husband. In recently replacing the 17-year-old flooring in her den, game room, and kids bedrooms, Laura turned to Twenty & Oak’s website to become inspired with new flooring selections, receive samples of her favorite waterproof hardwood flooring styles, and utilize the valuable Twenty & Oak network of flooring retailers throughout the Southeast. 

We are completely honored to be a trusted resource for Laura. Let’s take a closer look at Laura’s exciting design journey and the fabulous final Duke Manor Farm reveal!

We have covered the rise in popularity of waterproof engineered wood, such as the entire gorgeous Raintree Flooring line, in our Design Trends for 2022 blog post. These versatile planks allow homeowners to add value to their property while matching their preferred wood species and texture throughout the home– even in rooms that experience moisture. Laura selected Raintree waterproof hardwood thanks to the winning combination of real hardwood veneer with 100% waterproof rigid core flooring that blends functionality and style:

“There were several reasons I knew Raintree was for me. Most importantly is that it is 100% waterproof wood flooring, kid, and pet friendly. Got kids, got pets! Since we also have a pool with kids that don’t always dry off before they come in, Raintree’s waterproof hardwood was a perfect solution for my flooring needs, in addition to all of the beautiful options that I could select from. Since my current flooring situation also has multiple things going on (different carpet colors in some rooms and tile) it was important for continuity and to select one finish that I could use in all of the spaces.”

Laura narrowed down her attractive Raintree options to Castle Creek, Crevasse, Driftwood, First Flurry, Music Row, and Sandstone. Thanks to their gorgeous shades, wire-brushed texture, and matte finish, her top two choices were Raintree’s Aspen Estate Crevasse (top) and First Flurry (bottom):  


The Raintree Flooring Aspen Estates Collection of European white oak takes inspiration from the gorgeous, multi-faceted Rocky Mountain enclave of its namesake, and combines authentic wood characteristics, refined style, color dimension through distinct graining, and an air of lightness across the palette. After using Twenty & Oak’s virtual showroom to shop from home, Laura then connected with a local retailer to purchase flooring from and handle installation using Twenty & Oak’s dealer locator. After seeing her favorite styles in person and comparing them with selected paint colors, Laura landed on Crevasse as her ultimate pick and scheduled her upcoming hardwood flooring installation!

Laura’s “Selecting the Right Flooring Retailer” video

When the big day came to finally replace carpet from the den and kids’ bedrooms and the tile from the game room after 17 years, Laura took a savvy approach: In her game room, she chose to install Crevasse hardwood over the existing tile to save time and money! Once the new floors went down, Laura was instantly smitten with her inspired interiors:  “What I love about the Aspen Estates Crevasse is how well it works with a variety of colors and styles that I have in each of my rooms, particularly in the den. The wire-brushed white oak blends so well with the gray tones on my walls, sectional, and decor.” We absolutely adore the amazing transformations showcased in Laura’s big reveal! First up, the Before (left) and After (center & right) of the den: 



In her family’s game room where the kids spend time the most, which also doubles as the main entrance into the house from the pool, Laura loves how these waterproof wood floors will be easy to clean with any spills that may happen and easy to maintain after walking in from the pool wet.  Since kids can often punish the flooring in their specified areas in the home, Laura appreciates that it’s safe to sweep, vacuum, and mop the Raintree flooring. We can’t get over how installing the white oak planks over the black-and-white tile gives the entire space a completely different appeal from the Before (left) to the After (right): 

Game Room Before & After

Finally, Laura took the opportunity to replace the old carpeting in her children’s bedrooms to give the spaces new warmth and freshness. Along with the elevated style displayed in these two bedroom reveals (below), Laura receives an excellent kid and pet-friendly flooring fit for her active household:

Incredible job Laura! Make sure to visit the Duke Manor Farm blog for even more inspiration and details about the impressive flooring refresh. When you are ready to explore your favorite flooring choices, order three free flooring samples and talk to us about any questions before you begin budgeting your new project!
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