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When it comes to your personal tastes and design preferences, sometimes you don’t fit into a perfectly defined look or category. You have traveled the world, you’re a free spirit, and your creativity reflects all the amazing places, themes, and design elements you love. If a Bohemian is an adventurer who’s drawn to artistic nonconformity, and a global perspective pulls from influences both near and fear, then Boho Global design offers luxurious, bold, active looks full of intriguing shades, patterns, and textures. For a great starting point in achieving this flexible, exotic décor theme to perfection, our Twenty & Oak Boho Global Style Box with hand-selected flooring samples by talented designers can provide the ideal inspiration for selecting Boho Global floors that match your vision- All it takes is seeing and handling the right flooring sample in person and you know you’ve found your favorite! Here’s an even deeper look into all the key traits of the unique-yet-chic Boho Global design style:

What does Boho Global design look like?

One of the biggest advantages of embracing Boho Global décor is that you can lean into this free-flowing, versatile theme in the direction you prefer- airy, chic, or tropical aesthetics are all welcome here! If you are naturally attracted to eclectic interiors, Boho Global rooms allow you to decorate with treasures acquired over the years and across your travels to create whimsical, personal spaces. Picture rich colors and standout furnishings layered with mixed patterns and touchable textures. Natural wood furniture is a staple of Boho Global spaces, and you even have the freedom to mix and match vintage and relaxed furniture styles. Use multi-colored throws, rugs, and pillows that feature lumpy weaves, chunky knits, tassels, and fringe to add life and hand-crafted appeal throughout your rooms. Achieve cohesiveness by using one earthy color to anchor the room, then adding varying shades of the main color and mixing in complementary colors for balance. Soft neutrals and pops of brilliant jewel tones are always welcome to complete the engaging scene, and add plenty of lush plants, both real and fake, to enhance the comfortable feel. Embracing the adventures in life, Boho Global chic is a lifestyle or mindset just as much as it is a soulful design theme!

Talk to a Twenty & Oak Flooring Pro about Boho Global Floors!

What are the best flooring types for Boho Global homes?

When it comes to Boho Global flooring choices, the goal is to create a cozy, lived-in atmosphere. Since natural appeal is the name of the game, genuine hardwood flooring is an ideal surface to anchor your Boho masterpiece. If your adventurous nature lends itself to hosting many get-togethers with friends, or you are saving more of your budget for travel destinations, valuable waterproof hardwood and wood-look laminate and luxury vinyl and flooring will provide extra moisture protection and scratch resistance to handle the fun with ease. Patterned vinyl tile that provides a vintage aura can definitely work within a Boho Global home, especially in rooms like bathrooms and laundry rooms that don’t necessarily need to match the rest of a floorplan. Although wood may be the go-to look for many Boho Global surfaces, stone-look laminate and vinyl can still usher in organic luxury to capture the right vibe. Keep stone visuals and patterns bright, straightforward, and in a light to medium shade to set the perfect scene. Of course, layering is a hallmark of Boho Global interiors, and gorgeous area rugs make it exceptionally easy to add soft layers, intricate patterns, and striking colors. Just as your Boho Global floors are the foundation of your design creativity, they are the foundation of your everyday life. Choose the material choices that support your lifestyle and remember that you don’t have to break the bank to let your personality shine through your Boho Global aesthetic.

What are the most popular Boho Global flooring tones & finishes?

The key to designing a Boho Global home is balance. When many colors, patterns, and textures are used in the same space, the eye also needs to rest or the overall look will come across as scattered and overwhelming. Airy, light, and bleached wood looks to warm honey blonde and golden tones will offer a clean, uncluttered backdrop to then build an unforgettable room on top of. Natural and rustic finishes emphasize the organic ambiance with soothing hand-scraped or wire-brushed grain patterns. These wood visuals will balance your favorite patterned wallpaper or fabrics like a dream! On the other hand, if you plan to have neutral, less-busy walls and furnishings, you can lean into high-character reclaimed wood visuals with unique markings or a creative wood-look with high plank variation. Even large format patterned tile visuals can work in a Boho Global setting if the overall balance is present. No matter which surfaces you ultimately install, now it’s time to add your favorite Boho Global area rugs! Funky patterns, artisan-inspired textures, striking Persian or Turkish rugs, natural fiber jute rugs– they will all add visual interest and softness underfoot. Bright, bold jewel tones and dyes such as fuchsia, purple, orange, and electric blue are commonly used for ideal impact. Lean into the Boho Global flooring choices that feel right to you and visitors will recognize that your design is a true personal reflection.

As your travels and experiences continue to influence your favorite design principles, your Boho Global living space can evolve and tell the story you continue to write. Take our fun Floor Genius Quiz for Boho Global flooring recommendations tailored to your household dynamics to start your design journey. Next, schedule an appointment with a Twenty & Oak dealer to see larger Boho Global flooring samples in person and get an accurate look at your favorite styles. Let your artistic creativity shine and your home will become a stylish conversation starter full of your favorite memories!
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