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When you live in the South, it can be hard to get into the fall season because the temperatures stay in the high 80's and 90's well into October. This is why Southerns spend so much time decorating the inside of their homes with touches of the season.  We crank up the A/C and enjoy the cozy feels of the fall from the comfort of our living rooms!  We were looking for ideas on how to add easy fall decor to our homes, so we reached out to Elisabeth Stubbs of Enhance Floors & More in Marietta, GA.  If you follow Elisabeth, you know that she is always planning ahead for the new season.  We love receiving her monthly newsletter because it is filled with great tips for home decorating, entertaining, and, of course, flooring.  Be sure to get on her email list, you will not be disappointed!  Here are a few great tips that Elisabeth shared with us to get our homes ready for the fall.

Small Changes Make a Big Difference

Creating a space that speaks to the new season does not have to be time consuming, stressful, or expensive.  Elisabeth said, "Incorporating seasonal touches into your home throughout the year makes each season more enjoyable because you get to fall candle and gourdsparticipate in the beauty. It doesn't take much to transition your home decor. Just a few small changes can make a big difference. "

Elisabeth suggests before you add new seasonal elements to your decor, store away anything from the previous season.  Even though summer and fall are mixed together outdoors in the South, it doesn't have to be inside your house! If you always decorate for the seasons, then you'll already know what you added so it can be easily put away.  Vacuum or dust those items as needed, then store them until the next season. This is also a good time to decide that some pieces are ready to be permanently retired!

It's All About the Senses

A small but impactful element to add to your home is a candle in a wonderful fall scent. Not only does the candle scent add to the warm and cozy vibe you are creating for fall, but the candle jar and label also contribute.  From rustic to glamorous and traditional to modern, there are many choices in candle designs that can be a cohesive fit into your home decor.  Our favorites candles this season in both scent and design are Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin from Bath & Bodyworks (traditional autumn) and Ginger + Saffron from Wild Roots Candle Co. (clean, modern design).  Or, you can up the ante on coziness by creating your own scents.  Elisabeth said "To really create a wonderful aroma, make a simmering pot of cloves, apple, orange, cinnamon, and vanilla. This can be done in a crockpot, or on the stove. Check every once in a while to add more water as needed."
fall decor

Another easy way to bring fall indoors is to change the textiles in your home to reflect the new season.  Switch out or add cozy accent pillows, throws, guest towels, and even window treatments.  Elisabeth advised, "Choose warm colors and rich textures like knits, wools, and flannel. On your bed, simply changing the sheets to something fireplace candles fallheavier and adding a blanket over the foot of the bed will completely change the feel."

Of course, one of the key elements in creating a cozy, warm fall feeling inside a home is to light a fireplace.  However, that is not always practical when the temps outside are still in the 80's.  One way to get this feeling without all the heat is to light candles in your fireplace.  Even simple votive candles will create a great fall ambiance.

Getting Ready for the Holidays

Most people agree that the holidays seem to come faster every year.  Elisabeth said, "Since it is so warm outside in the fall, the holidays always sneak up on us in the South.  When it finally gets cooler, it is time for Christmas!"  Getting ready for the holidays really translates to "getting the house ready" especially if you entertain, host parties, or have out-of-town family and guests coming to visit.  One of the most impactful changes to a home is new floors.  The big mistake people make when getting new floors for the holidays is that they don't plan ahead.  The process of choosing new floors, ordering them, having them acclimated to your home, and then having them installed can take up to 4 or 5 weeks.   Flooring installers' schedules fill up fast so, if you have not begun the process of getting new floors by the end of October then you could be too late. 
Palmetto Road Davenport Truffle

Projects That Can Be Done Close to the Holidays

If you've waited too long for new floors this season, do not worry!  There are plenty of house projects that can be done between now and December that will be transformational to your space.  If your floors are really in bad shape, a quick fix until you get can new floors installed would be to add a new area rug.   Elisabeth said, "A new backsplash in your kitchen is something that you can easily have done closer to the holidays."  One of her favorite new products for backsplashes or accent walls is Vercade Wall Fashions.  Made of luxury vinyl, Vercade planks and tiles are waterproof, lightweight, and can be installed in a few hours.  They are also less expensive than wall accent alternatives such as shiplap.  
Staircase installation by Enhance Floors & More
Elisabeth also shared that two big projects you can have done over the holidays are to redo your staircase or refinish your floors.  If you are going to be away, these are great projects to schedule with a trusted flooring expert because those types of home improvements are best done when your family isn't there to climb the stairs or walk on the floors.

What Floors Are Popular in Atlanta Now?

We had to ask!  Elisabeth said that the popularity of water-resistant laminate flooring has grown in the Marietta/Atlanta area. Laminate is easy to maintain, durable, affordable, and soft underfoot, especially with attached pad options.  With the launch of Hearthwood's Living Tree, homeowners now have all the fantastic benefits of laminate flooring with the  added bonus of water-resistance.  Laminate floors are more "worry- free" than ever before.  

Interested in hardwood?  "Palmetto Road has gorgeous hardwood floors which are popular with homeowners in our area," Elisabeth said.  With a range of options in styles and colors, Palmetto Road has many collections offering the warm browns that Elisabeth said continue to trend in the Atlanta area.
Palmetto Road hardwood display
Palmetto Road hardwood displays in the Enhance Floors showroom
If you are looking for new flooring options for your home and live in the Marietta, Georgia area, we highly recommend that you stop in to Enhance Floors & More.  Elisabeth and her team are experts in flooring and installation.  As their name suggests, they can also help you with tile, countertops, window treatments, and so much more!

What element of the fall season have you incorporated into your home? We'd love to see your photos!  Be sure to tag us on Instagram
Elisabeth Stubbs, Enhance Floors & More
Enhance Floors was founded by Don and Elisabeth Stubbs in 1985.  Enhance Floors & More is your one-stop shop for minor to major home improvement projects, including kitchen and bathroom updates and staircase makeovers. Excellent customer service, the best installers in Atlanta, great prices, and greater quality-expect all of this and more at Enhance Floors & More. 

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