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Sometimes you crave the clean lines and intention of an artfully designed modern interior. Other moments, you want the comfortable, lived-in feel of time-honored finishings and furnishings. If you find yourself pulled towards aged character and pieces that prize patina, but need the clarity that an uncluttered space provides, you may have landed on your new (but vintage) favorite décor: French Country Modern. Maybe this term is brand new to you, and sounds too fancy to be your style, but this aesthetic is an incredible guide for ushering in soothing vibes. If you want to explore this reassuring upscale theme, our Twenty & Oak French Country Modern Style Box features hand-selected flooring samples by talented designers that can help you easily select dreamy floors for your favorite rooms. Sometimes when you see the perfect shade, texture, and character, you just know that it’s the floor for you! Let’s review a few more key components to truly capturing French Country Modern design style: 

What does French Country Modern design look like?

When you think of a style that makes you feel most at home, French Country Modern décor will quickly move to the top of the list. Think about the warm glow from a centerpiece fireplace, as well as from bronze and copper antique lighting. Linen fabrics, elegant roman shades, plush cushions, and a draped curtain add supreme softness and coziness. Large, gilded mirrors, framed landscape artwork, and vintage pieces of furniture with gold tones will provide key anchors for your rooms. Rather than the perfection of purely modern design, you will see imperfections and rough edges that provide more lived-in character. The grains and nicks that are a natural feature of wood? These characteristics are prized in surfaces, cabinetry, mantles, ceiling beams, and furniture. Natural tones, whites, creams, beiges, cool greys, griege, and muted pops of color help create the serene feel and bring in the uncluttered ambiance that modern décor is valued for. Look for gallery white walls, but also retro-inspired wallpaper with rural motifs when appropriate. Embrace natural light to brighten up rooms with an ethereal glow during the day. Initially influenced by 18th-century countryside homes in Southern France, the rest of the world has embraced this style for its charming blend of rustic components and minimalist approach.

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What are the best flooring types for French Country Modern homes?

With many similarities to rustic interiors, French Country Modern flooring options will also present natural materials and highlight organic beauty. However, French Country flooring styles need to embody a slightly more refined elegance and capture a soft, airy, and even feminine feel. Natural wood and wood-look visuals are an easy place to start your flooring search. From genuine hardwood to today’s innovative waterproof hardwood, laminate, and luxury vinyl options, wide plank floors will showcase the character needed and use natural light to produce the desired aura. Creative plank installation patterns such as herringbone and chevron can help lend more balance and interest to a polished layout. Large format stone-look LVT and laminate tile will work beautifully in these spaces, realistically emulating the gorgeous look of marble, limestone, and other natural stone varieties. Remember that larger and wider plank and tile sizes will produce fewer seams in finished floors and make your home feel larger! Explore using oversized vintage-inspired patterned tiling and oversized black and white checkered tiling for your French County Modern kitchens and bathrooms. Use French-inspired area rugs to add soft texture and pattern wherever you need a dash of engagement. The perfect floors will help you capture the French Country Modern design scheme, as well as help to distinguish your home’s unique personality from other rustic, farmhouse aesthetics. 

What are the most popular French Country Modern flooring tones & finishes? 

When it comes to flooring textures and finishes, remember that natural-looking materials are at the heart of gorgeous French Country Modern rooms. All of your favorite hardwood characteristics– knots, graining, markings – are prized for French Country Modern floors. Reclaimed wood, salvaged wood, distressed wood, and high-character visuals are a perfect fit for this design scheme. Natural wood tones, wire-brushed, and hand-scraped wood finishes will use the light that shines through your windows to whisk you away to an old-world French country cottage. With genuine wood planks, you will have the ability to refinish the surface over the years and add a modern update down the line. For your stone-look flooring, think of installing creamy color tones in a random pattern for a truly authentic French feel. Place area rugs over your hard surface floors to offer a touch of pattern or watercolor floral depiction. Rugs that use a soft, neutral palette with gentle hints of color will effortlessly contribute to the overall relaxing atmosphere. French Country Modern flooring will highlight elegance but not at the expense of feeling livable and comfortable.


What do you think of this perfectly imperfect design style? You can take our Floor Genius Quiz for more French Country Modern flooring recommendations that will deliver the highly sought-after appeal. Then, schedule an appointment with a Twenty & Oak dealer to see larger French Country Modern flooring samples in person and get an accurate feel for your favorite looks. You never know, you may have just landed on the charm and elegance that you’ve always desired, straight from the hills of Provence!
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