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Revamped for a new generation of homeowners, vinyl sheet has quickly become a floor of choice - again.  You may be thinking "vinyl sheet flooring?" and flashing back to your grandmother's plastic-looking kitchen floor with its mock pebble pattern.  We promise, these are not the same floors.   

As aesthetically displeasing as your grandmother's floors may have been, they were wildly popular back in the day for one main reason - they were so easy to clean.  This fact is the one and only similarity between your grandmother's dated floors and the chic new floors found in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and mudrooms today.

Beauflor Sheet Vinyl Flooring

It is amazing how function and beauty come together in modern vinyl sheet flooring.  We often do a double take when a manufacturer shows us a sample of the latest colors and patterns. The visuals and textures are so realistic that you can actually feel the "grout" between the tiles. It's that good and we see a lot of flooring samples.  A lot.   

Performance is key in any flooring and vinyl sheet flooring does not disappoint in this area.  It is warm and soft underfoot and has great sound absorbing qualities.  

One standout for us is Beauflor's fiberglass sheet vinyl and textile backed collections such as Blacktex HD which has the additional benefit of being waterproof.  Beauflor is an innovative, forward-thinking company and it shows in everything they do. They produce beautifully designed flooring products in Belgium and the United States.  Available in stone tile looks, wood plank designs, and fantastic herringbone patterns, Beauflor's vinyl sheet flooring collections are stylish, quiet, and comfortable.  With multiple collections to choose from, there is a sheet vinyl flooring option for every budget that will exceed your expectations.

Not only does vinyl sheet offer great design and truly realistic visuals, but it ranks high in performance. To learn more about the construction and performance, view our article The Progression of Vinyl Sheet.

With today's vinyl products, it is important to remove preconceived notions as to what you think they may be. Modern vinyl sheet offers high style and high value for the long haul. 

Order samples of Beauflor's sheet vinyl collections to see for yourself all the wonderful choices in this affordable flooring option.

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