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When it comes to creating a home where your family can live, work, play, and relax in equal measure, your inspired interiors will probably look less like a picture-perfect hotel and more like an extension of your crew’s unique personality! Since real-world happenings often influence trends in the home, it’s no surprise that spending more time at home over the past 24 months has inspired homeowners to make familiar rooms as reinvigorating as they can be while becoming more suitable for a wider variety of indoor activities. As spaces become more personalized and focus less on strictly adhering to a décor theme, new flooring options reflect the growing preference for character and comfort. From natural appeal and soothing shades to prioritizing performance benefits, here are some of the most visible shifts in flooring trends that we can see:

What are the most in-demand flooring colors?
What are the most in-demand flooring patterns?
What are the most important flooring characteristics?


What are the most in-demand flooring colors?

It's official: color is back! Whereas bright and airy as well as extremely dark wood species have been thriving in recent years, homeowners are turning to soothing shades, creamy pastels, and warmer tones. For hard surface options like hardwood, waterproof hardwood, laminate, and luxury vinyl, we will see a move towards timeless brown, middle wood tones such as Monet Flooring by Palmetto Road in Paris and natural hardwood looks including Hearthwood Living Tree Laminate Flooring in Nutshell. These varieties lend themselves to pairings with trending terracotta colors that range from orange, pink, taupe, and white. Green paint colors, along with blue, violet, blends, and earthy hues are also being introduced to more interiors thanks to the tranquility, joy, and reassurance this nature-inspired palette provides. This shift even extends to flooring as gray hardwood planks featuring green and blue undertones will harmonize effortlessly with many furnishings, showcased perfectly in options like Speciality Solid by Somerset in Rustic Grey. If you want to go absolutely bold with color, you can see if an utterly eye-catching style like Deja New Flooring by Metroflor in Alleyway Indigo or Alleyway Kiwi will bring the vibrancy you crave!

What are the most in-demand flooring patterns?

Authenticity and lived-in character have quickly become prized flooring attributes since they are an accurate reflection of life with kids and pets, and they make homes feel cozier. Rather than crafting perfect, minimal spaces, consumers and designers alike are demanding natural flooring patterns as well as genuine wood and stone visuals. A fascinating wood option like Riviera Flooring by Palmetto Road in Geneva or a high-character wood-look such as Parkway Pro Glue Down by Beauflor in Chestnut 2.0MM will deliver the in-demand graining, knots, and markings. Similarly, the look of natural stone with veining and visible striations brings organic luxury to the home with a strong connection to the world outside. Gorgeous options including Reflect Plus by Beauflor in Muse Charcoal and Splendor Ivory capture these visuals beautifully with engaging interest. If you want the warm texture of patterned carpet but worry about the activity level in the home, the rich visual of Deja New Flooring by Metroflor in Belgium Weave Cool Grey or Belgium Weave Smoke will help complete your chic office or living room with sophisticated comfort.


What are the most important flooring characteristics?

No matter what the hottest trends in flooring are, performance is still at a premium with the entire family working, learning, studying, and playing at home. Add a few active pets into the equation and it’s no wonder that today’s consumers want well-crafted flooring options that provide the utmost in durability and performance. With more time at home, it’s worth noting that today’s consumers also do their research when it comes to shopping for flooring! To add value, hardwood is a premium choice and wood-look visuals will perform well if you intend to list your property on the bustling real estate market. If you need protection from spills, puddles, humidity, or moisture conditions, waterproof hardwood like Laguna Vibes by Raintree Flooring in Soleil will meet shifting design trends while providing peace of mind! To enhance comfort underfoot and provide sound insulation in a busy home, a luxury vinyl option with a high-quality attached pad or cushioned backing will be an outstanding choice whether you prefer a stone look such as Omega Plus by Beauflor in Eclipse Amber or a wood visual including Park Collection by Azalea Lane in Sequoia.

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