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The Progression of Vinyl Sheet Flooring

We’ve come a long way with enhanced features and ease of installation, but the most noted progression has certainly been the dramatic visual improvements.  For this reason, when function and budget are priorities, give today’s vinyl sheet your full attention.  You’ll discover that you don’t need to compromise your vision for style and design.  Modern vinyl sheet delivers function, value and incredibly diverse and realistic visuals.

The Past

Let’s reminisce for a moment.  Remember your mother’s vinyl kitchen and bathroom floors (or maybe your grandmother’s)?  She may have referred to them as “linoleum” but chances are, it was actually made of nearly 100% vinyl, or in other words, it was a plastic floor.  Up until the late 90’s, we all wanted these floors to be shiny, all the time, so they looked new and clean.  Although waxing went out decades earlier, we were still using products on the market to make a dull finish look super shiny and new after a few years of wear.  Ironically, that very clean looking floor was usually adjacent to a high pile, or even shag carpet that had allergens and mold lurking beneath it.

Fast forward 30 years, and our priorities are now all about healthy environments for our families and allergy friendly products.  Our styles have progressed as well, and so have our flooring products.  Thankfully, there are many modern visuals, and our vinyl sheet design choices are not limited to bricks, blocks and diamond patterns!

The Present

Manufacturing technology has come so far with sheet vinyl, that there is very little resemblance to the products of the 90’s.  Today, almost 100% of sheet vinyl content is derived from recycled materials, such as water bottles (those were not stockpiled 30 years ago). 

These materials are also passing rigorous testing to ensure they are free from plasticizers that contain harmful phthalates.   Beauflor is committed to meeting these strict regulations in their plants and, as a result, verify these claims in their product documentation and labeling.

Construction layers, such as the foam-like core that has a fiberglass base, result in a thicker product that will be forgiving of most subfloor imperfections and will also be quiet and warm underfoot.  The advanced wear layer and finish technology add many years of scratch, scuff, stain, and even indentation resistance.

Textile backing is the latest addition to the sheet vinyl category. Everyone seems to be getting on board with this offering that adds more comfort, sound absorption and even additional warranty features.  Beauflor’s BlackTex HD™ collections include this added feature in a loose lay installation option, which is an attractive time saver as well.

As previously mentioned, the dramatic visual improvement of sheet vinyl design is the most noted progression.  Forget about those diamond patterns and fake brick designs.  Think about the style of hardwood you would choose.  Light or dark, distressed or weathered?  Or maybe stone or ceramic suits your space.  With or without grout lines?  How about flagstone, slate, river rock or concrete?

All of these visuals are earthy, natural and so realistic, due to the incredible advanced imaging technology that brings high resolution print film and texturing together for a modern, high-fashion visual.  Trim options have also seen modern progression.  In the past, the only question would have been, “would you like gold or silver metal transitions?”  Now, you can finish your project off with coordinating moldings, manufactured specifically for your style choice and made of durable, easy to clean vinyl or rubber.

Sheet vinyl gives us a lot to talk about today, with advancements on all fronts.  Consider this flooring type for your busy home and enjoy years of durability and easy clean up.  Make a style statement that fits your vision, all within your budget, with the assistance of a Twenty & Oak retailer.

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