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Feature photo: Beauflor, Essence Collection Zinc

Like us, you probably love to search online for home decor ideas and interior design inspiration.  If you are drawn to stunning design and modern interiors, browsing inspo images is a favorite pastime. If you've been on Pinterest or Instagram lately, you've probably come across 'just a few' photos of kitchens and bathrooms adorned with marble tile.  Gorgeous designs in muted grays, bright whites highlighted in effortless streaks are absolutely everywhere. If only we had a house with 20 bathrooms and 15 kitchens, we could have every single one of the tiles pinned to our "Love You, Need You" board. 

Photo credit: Adobe Stock

Then, you look at that stunning marble and stone laid in place and wonder, can I really commit to that on my floor?  I love you now, but will I love you forever? 

Forever Yours

Let's just point out that with flooring, "forever" can be 100 year hardwood heirloom floors or, it can be 20 years when a new design trend in tile comes around.  Regardless, flooring in general is a long term commitment and one that you have to take into consideration when designing a room.  If you are going to invest in a tile floor, you may want to think about classic designs and leave the trendy looks to accents in your home. 

Southport from Palmetto Road Intrigue Collection

Classic design will gracefully sway along the ebb and flow of the ever-changing tile trends.  Always in style, classic tiles will accommodate your five year crush on Spanish influenced design then easily move on to your modern farmhouse remodel.

Do You Feel A Chill?

As lovely as it is, there are a few drawbacks to marble tile namely it can be hard, cold, and unforgiving to anything that falls on its surface. Ouch. Those can be more than drawbacks, but actual deal breakers. Do not worry, you can still have the look and suffer none of the consequences with luxury vinyl tiles.

The perfect and practical alternative to ceramic, marble and other natural stones, luxury vinyl tiles are durable and crack-resistant. Available in natural stone and ceramic visuals such as slate, marble, concrete, and travertine, they offer great style and design. They are also soft and quiet underfoot and can be installed with or without grout.  Luxury vinyl tile can also be installed on any level floor of a home or condominium and is much easier to install (and remove) than ceramic or other marble floors.

Newcastle Dove from Beauflor's Pure Collection

Luxury vinyl tiles are made of the same construction as luxury vinyl planks.  Many outstanding brands offer an array of options in luxury vinyl tiles (also known as LVT) such as Beauflor, Palmetto Road, and Metroflor

Available in natural stone, ceramic, marble, and concrete visuals, luxury vinyl tiles are as well suited in a traditional setting as in a modern industrial styled loft. One of our favorite new collections for an industrial loft style is Metroflor's Déjà New in smooth concrete and linen weave designs.

Pictured below (L to R): Metroflor's Déjà New Anthracite, top right , Metroflor's Déjà New Pearl White bottom right, Metroflor's Déjà New Zinc

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Patterned Looks

If you still have your eye on a gorgeous patterned floor, check out the new laminate and luxury vinyl styles from Beauflor's Collections.  Unlike the square luxury vinyl tiles, these floors are planks with an upscale tile-look pattern. Easy to install and maintain, laminate and luxury vinyl provide many of the durability options and can be softer underfoot. These option allow you to mix patterned, wood and even natural stone looking planks for a design all your own.

Cliff 3.4 mm from Beauflor's Parkway Pro Click Collection

Whether choosing luxury vinyl tile or laminate, one benefit you will most definitely love forever is both are simple to clean and maintain.  Additionally, while marble tile may be water-resistant at times, many luxury vinyl tile options are waterproof which makes a big difference when installing it in bathrooms, laundry rooms, and mudrooms.

Worry-free, high performing, and beautiful? Most definitely, these are tile floors to love forever.

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