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Ah, spring is on the horizon. Longer days. Warmer temperatures. Flowers blooming. Yellow cars. More tissues.  Itchy eyes. And…. Achoo! Sneezing all day.

Yes, spring and pollen are definitely here. Many allergy sufferers feel a love/hate relationship with spring. The temperature is near perfect and it is just beautiful outside. Why, oh why, though must there be so much pollen? It is hard to enjoy spring when you can’t stop sneezing.

While we can’t fully escape allergy season, there are a few easy ways to lessen the effects for a more enjoyable spring.

Get Alerts

Did you know you can receive daily email or app alerts when the pollen count in your area is expected to be moderate or high? Sites such as will let you know the pollen forecast for the day or week, and indicate the top allergens. This knowledge can help you limit your time outside on particularly bad days or allow you to better prepare if you do need to be outside. 

Keep Windows Closed

After a long winter, it can be tempting to open your doors and windows at the first sign of warmer weather. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, this is not a good idea. Opening the windows will allow the pollen to settle throughout your home. Instead, open the blinds or curtains to let the natural light in and wait until the height of allergy season is over before letting fresh air in.

Keep Pets Out of the Bedroom

If there is one area of our home that we want allergen free and to feel like a safe haven, it is the bedroom. As much as we love snuggling up with our beloved pets at night, this is not the best idea for our allergies. Even hypoallergenic pets may transfer pollen from their trip outside, and without knowing it, we’re breathing it in all night. As tough as it may be, keeping your pets out of your bedroom and off your bed, can help ease your allergies.

Ditch the Carpet

Wall-to-wall carpet is the perfect place for allergens and dust mites to settle. Consider installing hard surface floors such as laminate, luxury vinyl tile and plank, or hardwood in rooms such as your bedroom where you spend so much of your time. Not only are hard surfaces easier to clean and spot possible triggers, but some products specifically address the concern of allergens.

Déjà New features Metroflor's exclusive FXSurface Protectant with Ultra-Fresh technology. Ultra-Fresh prevents the growth of odor and stain causing mold and mildew. All of Beauflor’s vinyl flooring includes an anti-bacterial polyurethane lacquer that is perfectly suited for anti-allergenic applications.

Vacuum and Sweep Regularly

Despite our best efforts, it is impossible to keep allergens out of the home unless you live in a snow globe and last we checked, that only happens in commercials.  Vacuuming and sweeping once or twice a week helps to keep the allergens low, especially in high traffic areas of the home. Try taking your shoes off at the front door and quickly changing clothes to prevent the spread of allergens throughout the home.  

When the pollen levels are high and spring is in full force, every little bit helps to ease your symptoms. While we wait for this season to pass, keep the tissues close by and maybe pass on stopping to smell the azaleas. Admire them from afar and we’ll see you on the other side of allergy season!

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