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When investing your hard-earned design budget in an attractive look for your home, it’s always wise to create an inspired interior that will age gracefully and get the most for your money. Sometimes, the hottest design trends can quickly lose favor within short years of becoming extremely popular and over-exposed. For a long-term recipe of satisfaction and appealing style, you may find that Traditional home décor is the timeless, tried-and-true look that will serve your rooms and tastes best! Lending stability to your rooms with flourishes of antique and vintage allure, traditional home design offers equal touches of formal, comfortable, and curated. For added expertise when investigating this impressive theme, our Twenty & Oak Traditional Style Box features hand-selected flooring samples by talented designers that can help you easily select traditional floors that give a luxurious aura to your home. Once you see the shade and touch the texture that you can’t forget, you have landed on your perfect floor! Let’s examine some of the standout elements that make up the glamourous traditional design style: 

What is traditional home decor?

One thing’s for certain: Traditional interior design does not mean stuffy or uptight. Think in terms of elegant and time-honored, but also comfortable and colorful! Traditional rooms are full of collected items, antiques that are meant to be displayed, and lasting looks that have long outlived the trendy phase. Gorgeous marble, natural stone, standout metallics, aged brass, and ornately detailed wood are traditional materials that will help craft the perfect feel. Warmth and softness are achieved with silk, linen, and velvet upholstery and textures, as well as layers of patterns including checks, stripes, florals, bold graphic prints, and toile. Wide-ranging saturated colors keep traditional interiors from feeling uninspired, while classic blue-and-white pairings and airy colors will add an opulent ambiance. Room and wall arrangements should highlight sophistication, dimension, and symmetry for clean, uncluttered appeal. Ultimately, traditional design will tell the story of your fabulous home with the heirloom furniture, collections, artwork, and prized antiques that you have acquired over the years. 

Talk to a Twenty & Oak Flooring Pro about Traditional Floors!

What are the best flooring types for traditional home decor?

It goes without saying that elegant wood flooring is the unequivocal staple of traditionally designed homes, highlighting decades of organic luxury with every plank. Gorgeous genuine hardwood floors only get more beautiful with age, and they can be refinished multiple times over the years for a fresh look whenever you desire. With modern options such as waterproof hardwood, luxury vinyl, and laminate flooring, you can capture your favorite traditional wood flooring visual with today’s innovative performance. Along with offering more moisture protection for active families, you can achieve the traditional look for less of your design budget. A geometrically designed parquet flooring layout or a herringbone plank design will also help enhance realism, as these patterns can be found in many traditional wood floors. You may also consider using large-format LVT and laminate tile to create the look of a checkboard marble or natural stone flooring layout. Whether you use black and white colored tile, or simply a darker and lighter contrasting combination, this traditional stone flooring look works well for an entranceway, foyer, kitchen, and bathrooms. Patterned, textured, and woven area rugs add to a traditional layered appearance and provide softness underfoot. Classic Persian and Oriental designs, whether they are authentic tapestries or designed to appear that way, are also ideal traditional rugs that will add to the heirloom appeal. 



What are the most popular traditional flooring tones & finishes?

With the authentic, natural appearance of wood and wood-look flooring, your traditional décor is anchored in warmth and organic luxury. Popular honey-toned oak flooring and visuals are perfect for crafting inviting spaces as well as complementing a room’s oak features such as wooden doors, beams, and furnishings effortlessly. In addition to brightening more confined rooms that don’t receive as much light, paler wood finishes and grey-toned floors will also lend a modern touch to a traditional design. Wood visuals that feature low-color and texture variation, consistent staining, and low shade variation between planks will work beautifully. You can use a variety of stone looks and the unmistakable tones, veining, and textures they offer to create luxurious traditional floors. For glam on a budget, marble-look flooring will bring a lavish feel to your rooms. Colorful slate visuals and bright sandstone looks with surface details are exceptional choices. Use a darker, aged limestone visual or the texture of travertine for undeniable presence. Find your favorite balance of striking and comforting for traditional floors that help you enjoy your home every day.

Can this striking design style elevate your home for years to come? Our curated Twenty & Oak Traditional Style Box features traditional flooring recommendations that will help land the perfect foundation for your rooms. Talk with one of our flooring experts with a Twenty & Oak dealer to see larger traditional flooring samples in person and get a more accurate idea of how they will appear once installed. Bring in the history and glamor that truly never goes out of style!

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