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A harsh winter climate can be brutal, especially to our homes. Heavy snow can cause foundation and roof damage, expanding and contracting materials. Even if you don’t live in a region or state with extreme winter weather, it still helps to maintain a warm home to prevent damage to flooring, pipes and much more. 

However, when it comes to flooring, it’s essential to install a durable material that can withstand extreme cold and fluctuating temperatures. So, what is the best winter flooring for the job? Twenty & Oak offers the most cold-weather resilient flooring to keep your home warm. Plus, some extra tips to keep it nice and toasty!

The Top Winter Flooring Options

Whether you experience mild or extreme winter weather, here is a list of our top flooring picks to create the warmest floors for your home.

Vinyl Plank & Tile Flooring

Vinyl plank flooring can be a great winter flooring option–when combined with a high-quality underlayment. With underlayment, vinyl plank floors are well-insulated, offering a warm underfoot. Many vinyl flooring collections have a pre-attached pad for added warmth and sound-absorption, which also eliminates the need for underlayment. This easy-to-install flooring typically offers a stain-resistant and fade-resistant topcoat that combats things like wine spills and discoloration from the glaring sun while winter trees are bare.   

Vinyl plank flooring can offer you the beauty of hardwood with the benefit of warmth and easy-to-clean material. Plus, you can find many water-resistant and waterproof options available. Install rigid core vinyl plank flooring in a moisture-prone bathroom to avoid a cold shock as you step out of the shower.

Intrigue Tile Collection in Wrightsville by Palmetto Road

Luxury vinyl flooring is also available in tile styles.  It has the same construction as the planks with the same benefits, but the visual is spot-on for ceramic tile including grout lines.  

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Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a wonderful winter flooring option, especially for homes situated in climates with extreme temperature changes. As with vinyl plank, laminate collections are available with an attached pad for added warmth, which also eliminates the need for underlayment. However, it’s more than a warm underfoot. Laminate also offers several advantages. 

Water-resistant laminate flooring from Beauflor

This winter flooring is durable against scratches, easy to install and quite budget-friendly for homeowners looking for affordable options. Plus, laminate can be installed on top of many types of subfloors. In addition, laminate is an excellent flooring for those who have family members who suffer from asthmatic-related illnesses and respiratory diseases, eliminating dust and similar particles. Laminate is also available in countless surface textures, thicknesses and colors to suit your personal tastes and home decor.

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Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Lake Ridge Flooring by Palmetto Road, Keowee

Lake Ridge Flooring by Palmetto Road, Keowee

One of the toastiest flooring on the market is engineered hardwood. Compared to solid hardwood, engineered hardwood flooring is more stable in high and low humidity environments. Solid hardwood can shrink and expand, causing structural issues over time such as buckling or cupping. Instead, engineered hardwood flooring is constructed of several layers of bonded wood that can withstand extremely cold climates and low temperatures. 

Keep in mind, however, that your engineered hardwood floors are only as warm as your insulation. In other words, ensure your insulation is up-to-date and packed tight to eliminate any cold drafts. 

Engineered hardwood floors come in a variety of colors and styles. Browse our Palmetto Road collections where you’ll find Riviera, Botany Bay, Lake Ridge Flooring and more! Somerset Hardwood also offers many collections that crossover both solid and engineered constructions.  

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Rubber Flooring

Fitness flooring, made of a rubber-like composite material, is an excellent option for covering a concrete slab in a garage or basement. These rubber floors are an incredibly cost-effective solution for colder climates and can come in very handy. Imagine being able to tinker in the garage or exercise in a home gym when you’re snowed in. 

Plus, the insulative winter flooring can protect vehicles and other equipment. Rubber is also not prone to shrinking and expanding–and it’s highly weather-resistant. 

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Extra Floor-Warming Tips

pipe fitter mounted underfloor heating system

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Whichever winter flooring you choose to provide your home with warmth, consider these extra tips and options. 

Add Underlayment and Insulation

As mentioned, vinyl planks make fantastic winter floors with the right padding and underlayment, and you'll find many collections at Twenty & oak that come with an attached pad. For engineered hardwood and laminate flooring, insulation plays a key role, too. So as you select the perfect winter floors for your home, remember to select these materials as well. Acting as a temperature buffer between cold subfloors like concrete or plywood, underlayment is a must-have for basement renovations! As a whole, make sure to maintain heat and minimize drafts with fiberglass batt insulation between floors, rim joists and headers.

Install Radiant Heat

Radiant heating below your floors is a more luxurious option. But if you live in areas like Maine or Colorado that see long winters, it’s one decision you’ll never regret. Through electric wire coils or a hydroponic system of water-filled tubes, it emits heat through underlayment to the floors above, keeping feet nice and toasty. Although radiant heat works best under ceramic tiles and natural stones, it can be installed under many of the options mentioned above.  Be sure to check the manufacturer documentation for radiant heat approval.

Roll Out a Few Area Rugs

Area rugs add warmth and visual interest to any flooring. Even if you choose to install one of the above winter flooring options, roll out a rug in areas you tread in your bare feet, such as beside the bed or in front of the bathroom vanity.

Aspen Estates Crevasse from Raintree Waterproof Hardwood Floors

Search Twenty & Oak for a wide range of vinyl planks, laminates and engineered hardwood to discover the perfect winter flooring for your home. Check out our virtual flooring showroom and once you see something you love, order free flooring samples to find your perfect floor.

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