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Home / What's Trending / From Dated to Chic: Vinyl Sheet Gets a Makeover

Revamped for a new generation of homeowners, vinyl sheet has quickly become a floor of choice - again. 

Now, we know you may be thinking "vinyl sheet?" and flashing back to your grandmother's plastic-looking kitchen floor with its mock pebble pattern, which bore zero resemblance to anything found in actual nature.  We promise, these are not the same floors.   

As aesthetically displeasing as your grandmother's floors may have been, they were wildly popular back in the day for one main reason - they were so easy to clean.  This fact is the one and only similarity between your grandmother's dated floors and the chic new floors found in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and mudrooms today.

Fast forward to today and it is downright amazing how function and beauty come together in modern vinyl sheet.  We often do a double take when a manufacturer shows us a sample of the latest colors and patterns. The visuals and textures are so realistic that you can actually feel the "grout" between the tiles. It's that good and we see a lot of flooring samples.  A lot. 

One standout for us is Beauflor's fiberglass sheet vinyl and textile backed collections.  Beauflor is an innovative, forward-thinking company and it shows in everything they do. They produce beautifully designed flooring products in Belgium and the U.S., right here in the Southeast. Michael Finelli, Beauflor Director of Product Management and Marketing shared, "Our goal is to provide a beautiful, ahead-of-trend floor for customers seeking a truly resilient floor. The 2019 collections of Beauflor are all centered around the idea of ‘your floor as an interior design canvas’."

He added, "We’re introducing soft woods and tiles in understated color tones to allow the floor to blend seamlessly into a variety of interior aesthetics. Since our floors can last a lifetime, we ensure the design and colors are timeless so your room can evolve with your tastes."

Not only does vinyl sheet offer great design and truly realistic visuals, but it ranks high in performance. To learn more about the construction and performance, view The Progression of Vinyl Sheet in our Education section.

With today's vinyl products, it is important to remove preconceived notions as to what you think they may be. Modern vinyl sheet offers high style and high value for the long haul. 

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