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Can You Paint Vinyl Flooring?

Metro Plus by Beauflor

Metro Plus by Beauflor

Yes, you can paint vinyl floors. Whether it’s to give them an affordable update or to avoid removing them, painting vinyl floors is a relatively easy project. However, to do so properly, you need to follow these steps and apply the correct paint. Here’s how to do it:

Tool and Material Checklist

  • 120- to 220-grit sandpaper

  • Sanding pole

  • Clean cloth

  • Paint roller

  • Primer

  • Liquid deglosser

  • Painter’s tape

  • Porch and floor paint

Step 1: Prep the Area

Clear the room of furniture. Test your paint and apply a sample on an inconspicuous area, allowing it to dry completely. If you approve of the color, take a sanding pole with a 220-grit sandpaper and buff the floor to dull the vinyl’s shine. Fill any cracks or holes with wood filler, smoothing with a putty knife. Once the filled areas dry, sand them with a medium-grit sandpaper. Vacuum and wipe the area clean.

Step 2: Degloss the Vinyl Flooring

Next, use an extra-long paint roller and apply a liquid deglosser to the vinyl flooring, ensuring the paint will bond better. To apply the deglosser, begin in a corner or opposite wall and work backwards. Let the deglosser dry. 

Step 3: Prime and Paint

Before painting, line the walls with painter’s tape to avoid the trim. Next, apply a single primer layer with the clean and dry extended roller brush using the same technique and then allow to dry. Afterwards, mask off any planned floor patterns and designs with painter’s tape.

Next, apply one to two coats of paint, allowing time to dry between each. Also, use a hand brush for better control of corners and edges. Lastly, remove the painter’s tape from the walls and trim. Enjoy your newly painted vinyl floors!

If you have any questions regarding the care of your floors, contact the team at Twenty and Oak for more information!

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