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Why Waterproof Flooring?

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Say goodbye to "Oh no!" moments with family-friendly waterproof flooring.

Kids? Pets? Spills? Splashes? Life is unpredictable. We get it. But don’t stress. The messes and “Oh no!” moments of everyday life are no match for our waterproof flooring. Twenty & Oak has curated a large selection of waterproof flooring that not only stands up to your hectic life, but also looks great. Yes, you can have it all with waterproof flooring—style, fashion, durability, and performance. How does waterproof flooring work? It’s all in the construction of the core. Whether you’re in search of waterproof flooring that looks like hardwood or tile, we have you—and your spills—completely covered. And our amazing retail partners are ready to help from A to Z.



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