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For more information on these products and to request samples, please contact our Commercial Flooring Team

For over three decades, Jemiclad has been at the forefront of revolutionizing wall cladding for commercial kitchens, healthcare, animal care facilities, and all environments where durability and hygiene are essential.  Trusted throughout the world in commercial and industrial environments, Jemiclad's  engineered homogenous, non-porous lining for walls and ceilings are a superior solution to paint and ceramic tiles. 

Manufactured from the highest quality PVC resin without fillers, Jemiclad panels are 100% recyclable, ensuring an environmentally conscious choice. With a Class A fire rating, it embodies safety without compromise.   Jemiclad panels can be heat-formed into internal and external corners giving a smooth seamless appearance.  Available in a range of colors in gloss or satin finishes, the Photojemic and Proclad series add pleasing aesthetics for any design.

Jemiclad can be paired with select flooring solutions for a comprehensive solution in operating rooms and kitchens. Welded seamlessly, the synergy between walls and floors minimizes seams, mitigating the risk of bacterial growth.