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Palmetto Road Waterproof Flooring

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Palmetto Road waterproof flooring from Twenty & Oak
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Inspire Flooring

Waterproof Rigid Core
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Enjoy the beautiful look of natural wood floors in any room, including high moisture and high traffic spaces, with durable Palmetto Road waterproof rigid core collections. A resilient vinyl hard surface with a waterproof core, Palmetto Road waterproof flooring is the perfect surface for imperfect places. Get the look you want in basements, bathrooms, laundry rooms, or any room where life gets a little messy.

Perfect for connecting an entire floorplan with easy-to-maintain, high traffic flooring, Palmetto Road luxury vinyl plank flooring is designed to handle life’s everyday adventures while providing in-demand style.
Engineered with a waterproof stone polymer core, Palmetto Road’s Rigid Core Collections provide unparalleled spill and liquid protection along with outstanding stability, rigidity, and indentation resistance. Presented in a modern palette with high color variation, high traffic Impact Flooring features gorgeous wire brushed and distressed visuals suitable for residential and light commercial spaces. Let durable Inspire Flooring bring your design vision to life with stunning wire brushed and distressed visuals presented in a soothing color palette.

Palmetto Road waterproof flooring is the perfect combination of stunning visuals, durability, and long-lasting performance. With beautiful flooring designs that effortlessly capture the essence of the Southeast, Palmetto Road offers artisan-inspired wood pattern LVT and realistic stone tiles to meet the needs of the modern American family. Browse our Palmetto Road waterproof collections to find the ideal flooring solution to suit your budget and lifestyle.

Why Choose Palmetto Road Waterproof Flooring?

Available exclusively in the Southeast, Palmetto Road flooring is well-known for its enduring beauty and painstaking attention to detail. Palmetto Road waterproof LVP options are reasonably priced and handcrafted by artisans, making them a fine investment for the home. No matter which décor theme you prefer, there is a Palmetto Road waterproof flooring variety to perfectly suit your design style, budget, and needs. Peruse Palmetto Road’s stunning waterproof collections and discover an array of distinctive visuals, ranging from Southern traditional to contemporary design.