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St. Augustine Flooring

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Crafted with the utmost precision and true appreciation for the natural beauty of hardwood, the St. Augustine Collection from Veranda takes its name from the historic Floridian seaside town.  Just as the enchanting city has stood the test of time, Veranda's luxury hardwood floors are designed to endure for generations. 

Crafted from fine Northern Oak hardwood, the St. Augustine collection features clean visuals with minimal color contrast or tone variation and filled knots.  The installed look is a classic and smooth hardwood design. The ultra thick 4mm wear layer and 12 coats of UV Cured Aluminum Oxide finish provides lasting durability and guaranteed quality.  

Whether installed in a gorgeous living space or inviting commercial office, the St. Augustine Collection adds an air of sophistication to any environment.  It's a testament to the luxurious and enduring charm of both hardwood and city with a storied past.