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Find the best foodservice industry floors that will be easy to maintain.

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Spills, splatters, stains, and spots: There’s no shortage of intense action in a restaurant kitchen setting so commercial grade flooring for foodservice industry design must be ready to defend at all times. The constant presence of liquids, grease, hot oils, dropped kitchen utensils, and pans hitting the surface means that extreme moisture protection, stain protection, heat resistance, and dent resistance are the top priorities when it comes to selecting flooring for restaurants. To ensure the highest level of safety for the fast-paced foot traffic of chefs, wait staff, and guests alike, non-slip flooring for restaurants will be a top search as well. We’ve curated an exceptional foodservice flooring collection from trusted, in-demand manufacturers and a wide variety of domestic and international sources. Find the best foodservice industry floors that will be easy to maintain, impervious to liquids seeping into cracks, help guard against microbial infection, and foster stylish, hygienic cooking and dining environments!