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Low maintenance, antimicrobial flooring options for healthcare facilities

Attraxion Flooring

Magnetic flooring
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Designer Series Flooring

Commercial Vinyl Flooring
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Individuality Flooring

Loose Lay LVT
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Rewilding Flooring

Dry Back LVT
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Visionary Flooring

SPC Rigid Core
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Mixed & Variegated Flooring

Commercial Homogeneous Vinyl Sheet
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Concepts of Landscape Flooring

Commercial Heterogenous Vinyl Sheet
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Envire Sheet & Tile

Rubber Flooring
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Triple Threat Flooring

Commercial Rubber Flooring
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Pinnacle Base

Wall Base
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Pinnacle Plus Base

Commercial Wall Base
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Selecting flooring options for healthcare facilities will involve unique considerations that many other types of commercial locations may not have to account for. These floors will not only need to provide the expected durability and sound insulation for high foot traffic but also meet a greater demand for safety and slip resistant flooring to better assist all age demographics. Low maintenance, antimicrobial flooring options for healthcare facilities will greatly help with reducing germs, infection control, quick cleaning turnaround for screening rooms, and ensuring the healthiest environment possible for staff and patients alike.  We’ve curated our healthcare flooring collection from trusted, in-demand manufacturers and a wide variety of domestic and international sources to uplift every type of medical practice. Perfect for crafting a soothing vibe that reassures visitors and can even assist in wayfinding, the ideal flooring for healthcare environments will offer well-rounded performance for warm, comforting hygienic spaces.