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Before You Buy

Choosing the right flooring for your space, selecting the right flooring dealer, and defining expectations for your project are important decisions to make before your purchase.  We can answer your questions, break down industry lingo, tell you what to avoid, and guide you in the right direction for your home.

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Getting Started Articles

How To Choose the Right Flooring Dealer

The most important decision in your floor buying process is selecting the right retail partner.  Here are five important questions to ask as you make your dealer selection.

Selecting the Best Flooring for Your Lifestyle

You may love the look of a floor, but will it hold up to a busy household, children, and pets? Find out how to get both the look and the functionality that you want from your floors.

Environmental Certifications for Flooring

Make your flooring selections with the peace of mind that you are being environmentally responsible with resources, while providing healthy spaces for your family.  Learn about the varied definitions of industry certifications.

Understanding Flooring Manufacturer Documents

Warranties and other documents protect your flooring investment.  Be sure to review these documents with your flooring dealer to ensure your expectations are met or exceeded. 

Simplifying the Floor Buying Process

With so many choices, how do you know which floor is right for your home? Find answers to commonly asked questions and get insider tips so you can be confident you are making the best selection for your project.

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Buying Guide Articles

Engineered vs Solid Hardwood Flooring

The differences in these two options may surprise you.  Take an in-depth look at the construction of naturally beautiful engineered and solid hardwood flooring.  

Laminate Floors Spotlight: Beauflor Hydrana

When durability and water resistance is a must, and there is no room for compromising on beauty and style, Beauflor delivers with Hydrana water resistant laminate.  Incredibly quiet and comfortable, this brand new product includes an attached pad for quick and easy installation.  

The Evolution of Flooring Trends

From the dirt, sand and straw floors of ancient times to the exceptionally intricate tile mosaic floors from the Byzantine period, interior flooring takes us on an interesting journey through historical trends.

Affordable Hardwood Floors

Learn how you can afford the luxury of naturally beautiful hardwood flooring for your home.  The timeless aesthetic of hardwood never goes out of style and will last a lifetime.

Flooring Know-How

Whether you are looking for a flooring option for a complicated space or you simply want to know how to maintain your new floors, our experts provide the answers to all of your "how to" questions.

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Solutions Articles

The Best Pet-Friendly Flooring Options for Your Home

As a pet owner, it’s important to consider the best pet-friendly flooring options for your home and your lifestyle.

7 Tips for Making Your Engineered Stone Flooring Last

Engineered stone flooring offers many benefits. It’s quiet underfoot, comfortable and comes in a wide variety of natural stone looks like slate, marble and travertine.

How to Know When Your Hardwood Floors Are Beyond Repair

Hardwood might be able to stand the test of time, but it doesn’t always last forever.  When you are ready for a replacement, Twenty & Oak is your source for stunning hardwood in varied styles and colors.

6 Things to Know Before Remodeling Your Basement

Today, families are turning basements into everything from guest quarters to offices, rentable garden apartments to high-end hang-out spaces.  Do your homework to make sure you are investing wisely and creating space that is usable and beautiful.

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Buying Guide

Engineered vs Solid Hardwood Flooring

The differences in these two options may surprise you.  Take an in-depth look at the construction of naturally beautiful engineered and solid hardwood flooring.  

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