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A Buyer’s Guide: 4 of the Most Affordable Flooring Options

When remodeling a home, it’s essential to factor in the cost of new flooring. One of the best things about new floors is that you can model a whole room around them, so it’s crucial to find beautiful, quality options. But, when you’re a homeowner renovating on an already tight budget, it’s even more critical to find an affordable flooring option.  

Fortunately, there is a wide variety of different flooring types, all available in a broad range of costs. In order to learn more the cost of flooring, see our post on the cost based on the flooring type to help with your decision. But homeowners who might be feeling the pinch need to be more frugal. However, if you want the best of both worlds–a more affordable option that enhances your home’s look and style–Twenty & Oak has a few suggestions. Here are four of the most affordable flooring options for your home.

Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Vinyl sheet flooring has always offered an exceptionally affordable price point for homeowners on a tight budget. The good news is that you no longer have to sacrifice style for affordability. As of late, vinyl sheet flooring has been vastly improved and updated to reflect more modern style flooring and even replicate hardwood planks and natural stone tiles through advanced imaging techniques.

Vinyl Planks and Tiles

Engage Inception 120 by Metroflor, Armor

Engage Inception 120 by Metroflor, Armor

Don’t brush off luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring as a high-cost product. On the contrary, LVP and LVT can still offer some very budget-friendly prices. And since the advanced imaging techniques have come such a long way, vinyl planks and tiles can resemble just about any material as well. 

Vinyl planks can appear like hardwood, available in a variety of stained and distressed reclaimed wood visuals. This flooring type also comes in either a click-lock or glue down installation.

Check out our Metroflor Engage Inception 120 collection. This vinyl is a fantastic value for an SPC waterproof product for splash-prone bathrooms and kitchens, including superior stain repellency and abrasion resistance. 

Laminate Flooring

Brunswick by Palmetto Road, ACORN

Brunswick by Palmetto Road, ACORN

Laminate flooring is another affordable flooring option for homeowners. Laminate flooring is similar to vinyl planks but offers a click-lock installation method. While it is also easy to install, we recommend hiring a professional with the right tools to get the job done correctly and efficiently. Today's laminate flooring is also incredibly durable, even more so than LVT, and the visuals are amazingly realistic. 

Laminate flooring can offer a more affordable alternative to homeowners who desire the look of real hardwoods. However, laminate flooring is water resistant but not waterproof, so it might not be your best option for kitchens, bathrooms or other home areas that tend to have spilled puddles. 

Discover the Palmetto Road Brunswick Collection for a more affordable, worry-free and water-resistant laminate flooring option. The Brunswick Collection offers realistic-looking hardwood floors that can stay within your budget. Some laminate flooring even comes with a pre-attached underlayment, such as Beauflor's Hydrana Collection.

If you are still unsure whether to choose vinyl or laminate flooring, take a look at our laminate vs. vinyl flooring breakdown

Hardwood Flooring

If you have your heart set on genuine hardwood but find that many are a bit costlier than you anticipated, there’s still hope! While hardwood is typically not the most affordable flooring, there are still options. Check out these affordable hardwood flooring collections:

Palmetto Road River Ridge Collection, Satilla

Find the Most Affordable Flooring for Your Home

One thing to keep in mind is that each room in your home may require different flooring. By choosing another flooring for different rooms, you may be able to stretch your budget farther. By placing more affordable flooring in certain areas, you may be able to afford those beautiful natural hardwood floors in the main living areas. Plus, it’s also important to be mindful of moisture-prone areas like the kitchen, bath, laundry room and mudroom. Explore our room-by-room flooring guide to discover which flooring types are best. 

When trying to be frugal, it’s tempting to go DIY and install the flooring yourself. However, you could end up making a costly mistake. Instead, leave it to the professionals and have your flooring installed properly. 

Find your perfect floor by taking our Floor Genius Floor Finder Quiz. And be sure to check out our virtual flooring showroom.

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