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Davenport Flooring

Want to see the Davenport Hardwood Flooring Collection up close? Order samples from Twenty & Oak or locate a dealer today to visit in person.

High Color Variation Hardwood

When it comes to completing gorgeous floorplans, you can use the Davenport Collection of high tonal variation hickory by Palmetto Road to capture a range of fabulous shades in one finished floor. Each hand-crafted variety represents a unique masterpiece that comes alive with character-grade knots, cracks, and mineral streaks. Subtle wire brushed texture, rolled edges and ends, and random lengths complete these bold new hardwood looks that can serve a busy household with kids, pets, and high traffic like a dream. read more
For an added cozy touch, your engineered Davenport hardwoods are warranted and approved for installation over radiant heating. This collection brings the warmth both figuratively and literally!

The revolutionary new visuals that Davenport Flooring offers are created through a multi-step antiquing process to bring out the gorgeous tonal variations within and between planks. Along with 8 coats of premium super low-gloss and extremely durable matte finish, the vibrant colors provide an on-trend color palette to create with. From airy Truffle and medium-toned Sparrow to the deep Chateau, Haven, Roasted Chestnut, and Tanglewood, these engineered Hickory planks are versatile enough for your bedroom, kitchen, dining room, or living room. With a 50-year residential warranty, you can rest assured that your stunning Davenport Flooring will stay that way throughout decades of stellar performance. 

Available exclusively in the Southeast, Palmetto Road flooring is well-known for its enduring beauty and painstaking attention to detail. Palmetto Road hardwoods are reasonably priced and handcrafted by artisans, making them a fine investment for the home. The perfect combination of striking visuals, durability, and long-lasting performance, there is a Palmetto Road hardwood variety to suit every design style, budget, and household need. Peruse Palmetto Road’s stunning hardwood collections, including elegant, high color variation Davenport Flooring, and discover an array of distinctive visuals, ranging from Southern traditional to contemporary design.

Why Choose Davenport Flooring by Palmetto Road?

Durability is just the beginning with Palmetto Road’s Davenport Flooring hardwood collection. This assortment of character-grade hickory combines wire-brushing, a low-gloss finish, and a multi-step antiquing process to create high color variation hardwood floors. The engineered plank construction also boasts 3/8” thickness, a 1.2 mm wear layer, and 7.5” width and varied 15” to 60” lengths. Davenport Flooring can be installed as glue-down, nail-down, staple-down, or a floating floor. Approved and warranted for installation over radiant heated subfloors, Davenport Flooring also comes with a 50-year Residential warranty and a 5-year Light Commercial warranty.