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Riviera Flooring

Palmetto Road hardwood flooring from Twenty & Oak

Want to see the Riviera Hardwood Flooring Collection up close? Order samples from Twenty & Oak or locate a dealer today to visit in person.

High Color & Texture Variation

As a stunning reminder of time-honored hardwood beauty, the mesmerizing color variations of the Riviera Collection by Palmetto Road play across French Oak and Hickory floors for elevated reclaimed hardwood appeal. With antiqued and fumed treatments, the visual allure of Riviera Flooring is enhanced by the contrasting areas of light and dark natural grain. read more...

These artisan custom-cut planks come in three random widths and each distressed surface uses four circular and straight sawmark techniques for a completely distinctive look. As different lighting shines on your aged floor, different characteristics are highlighted which can give your room a new feel over the years.
While the workmanship to create Riviera Flooring is modern and durable, the reclaimed heritage feel can just as easily be used in rustic farmhouse décor as it can work for modern design. From the lighter-colored Cabernet, Menton, Picasso, and Promenade to the darker tones of Monte Carlo or Tulane, along with mixed-medium shades of Bardot, Cannes, Geneva, and Monaco, Riviera Flooring provides an incredible, trending color palette to design with. Explore how the wide range of rich colors and weathered patina, all sealed with an ultra-low-gloss Bona premium finish, can help you refresh your favorite rooms. 

Available exclusively in the Southeast, Palmetto Road flooring is well-known for its enduring beauty and painstaking attention to detail. Palmetto Road hardwood flooring is reasonably priced and handcrafted by artisans, making them a fine investment for the home. The perfect combination of stunning visuals, durability, and long-lasting performance, there is a Palmetto Road hardwood to suit every design style, budget, and household needs. Peruse Palmetto Road’s stunning hardwood collections, such as the high color and texture variation of Riviera Flooring, and discover an array of distinctive visuals from traditional to contemporary.

Why Choose Riviera Flooring by Palmetto Road?

Palmetto Road’s Riviera Flooring hardwood collection is truly remarkable. This assortment of sliced face French Oak and Hickory combines distinct saw marks, high color variation, and an ultra-low-gloss finish to produce a striking reclaimed finished floor. The engineered plank construction also boasts 1/2” thickness, a 2.0 mm wear layer, a urethane finish, and varied 4”, 5”, and 6” widths.

Easy to install right out of the box, Riviera Flooring can be installed as glue-down, nail-down, staple-down, or a floating floor. Suitable to install on, above, or below grade, Riviera Flooring comes with a 50-year Residential warranty and a 5-year Light Commercial warranty. For even greater peace of mind, your favorite Riviera Flooring option is a CARB and FloorScore Verified environmentally safe product and Lacey Act Compliant.