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How To Choose the Right Flooring Dealer

Depending on your timeframe and how many options you want to explore, purchasing new floors can be a substantial investment of your time and money. Your flooring dealer should respect that and value your business. 

Twenty & Oak is here to help you with this process.  Here are five questions to help you find the right flooring dealer:

1. Who will be installing your floor?

Find out how long the installation team has been in the business.  A good technician will be well trained, educated and should have received certifications from the trade.  They should be experienced to ensure that they will be following manufacturer instructions, which can make or break your warranty.

2. Do they have a showroom and large format samples of flooring?

A  dealer should be invested in the products they market and be equipped with full displays rather than offering small samples that emerged from the back of a van or garage.  If the showroom isn’t well organized and beautiful, there’s a good chance you may be falling in love with a line that is discontinued, or you may not be seeing the latest collections or trends.

3. Do they have experienced salespeople?

A friendly, professional salesperson should be knowledgeable and readily available to answer questions while you peruse the store, and be able to answer your toughest questions when it is decision time. They should know the difference between competing products and guide you to make the right choices for your space and for your home's environment.  Many flooring retailers actually have free design services with professional designers on staff. 

4. What does your price include?

Your salesperson should be clear about your pricing.  Underlayment, moldings and trim, adhesives, subfloor prep, installation and material should all be included in your final quote.  Ask how long your quote is valid and be aware that price fluctuations are common based on the availability of raw materials and freight rates.  Ask about the free financing options that are available at many retail stores.

5.  How long will my project take?

Be upfront about any time constraints you have.  Do you need your floor installed before you put your home on the market?  Or are you really hoping to have your project finished for a big reveal at Thanksgiving?  Your salesperson should take action right away to narrow your selections down to products that are readily available to meet your time requirements.  Ask if acclimation time is built into the proposed schedule, for the installer and general contractor, if applicable.

Keep in mind, a true flooring retailer will have a team of dedicated staff who will work together on your project from beginning to end.  That’s all they do – just flooring.  You won’t find that at a big box store and you certainly won’t enjoy any of these services if you buy online.

Now that you are equipped to ask the right questions, take your time exploring Twenty & Oak for beautiful, durable flooring solutions to suit your style and space.  Our locator can help you find a reputable flooring dealer near you.

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