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When you are planning your next great project and installing new floors, remember that choosing the right flooring dealer can make all the difference in the price you pay, the successful finished results, and your overall stress level during the entire process! 
Maybe you saw a local ad on YouTube or social media, or there’s a flooring store near you that you’ve driven past a million times but never stepped foot inside. Factors such as having an impressive showroom, trade-certified personnel, product and sample availability, and years of experience go a long way in determining which flooring dealer will value your business the most. 
As you explore your options, here are six great questions from the Twenty & Oak experts to help you find the right flooring store: 

  1. Who Can Install My New Floors?
  2. Does My Flooring Store Offer Flooring Samples?
  3. Does My Flooring Store Offer Free Design Service?
  4. Does the Price of New Flooring Include Installation
  5. Can My Flooring Dealer Meet My Project Deadline?
  6. Does My Flooring Store Offer Financing Options?

1. Who Can Install My New Floors?

For many busy homeowners and builders, DIY flooring installation is not in the cards. So, the first thing to ask is ‘will my flooring store install my new floors?’ before any purchase is made! Ask the flooring retailer who they recommend.  If they provide installation, find out how long the installation team has been in business. Look at online reviews of both the store and completed installations to gauge their work. The best flooring installers will be well-trained, educated, certified, and ensure close adherence to manufacturer installation instructions to maintain your flooring warranties.

2. Does My Flooring Store Offer Flooring Samples?

We highly recommend choosing a flooring retailer that has a large product showroom and can offer large format samples. It’s so important to use flooring samples to test your favorite styles against curtains, paint colors, furniture, and lighting, to make sure they look, feel, and blend the way you adore! A store with a gorgeous showroom demonstrates that they believe in the products they offer, are in tune with the latest trends, brands, and collections, and are proud to display them to their customers. If they provide large flooring samples, even better. They are easier to use in visualizing how well the flooring matches your current decor. 

3. Does My Flooring Store Offer Free Design Service?

In addition to employing knowledgeable, experienced salespeople who can answer your tough questions while you shop, many top stores will offer free design services with professional designers on staff. While helping guide your choices for the best results in your space and household conditions, they can help you design for tricky dimensions and unique floorplans. As much as you may love certain products, flooring professionals help you select floors that meet a preferred aesthetic and durability for your lifestyle. 

4. Does the Price of New Flooring Include Installation?

We also suggest working with a local flooring store over a big box retailer since a local store will have a team of dedicated staff who work together on your project from beginning to installation! When you purchase flooring online, you only put the flooring material into your shopping cart. By working with a local dealer, your salesperson will be clear about your complete pricing which includes underlayment, moldings and trim, adhesives, subfloor prep, installation, and material in your final quote. You can also get a clear answer on how long a flooring quote is valid for effective budgeting. 

5. Can My Flooring Dealer Meet My Project Deadline?

If you need new floors installed before listing a home on the market, a new baby arrives, or before a significant holiday or date to celebrate, talk with your local flooring dealers. They can help you meet project deadlines. Be upfront about any time constraints you have, and your dealer can act quicker, narrow your selections down to readily available products, and build acclimation time into the project schedule. This is a major advantage to working with local flooring stores with exceptional customer service vs. just being a transaction in some big box stores.

6. Does My Flooring Store Offer Financing Options?

Many local flooring stores are longstanding community fixtures and represent family businesses that span multiple generations. Family-owned flooring stores truly understand the major investment that new floors are for most homeowners! For this reason, many local flooring dealers offer financing options that can ease budget concerns and make purchasing new floors easier. If this is something that can help your project, make sure to ask your dealer about flooring financing options and other alternatives. 
Now that you have the right questions to ask, it’s time to find a locally-owned flooring retailer that specializes in both flooring products and installation. We are proud to partner with reputable local flooring experts and you can schedule an appointment with a Twenty & Oak dealer in your area who can help you design, budget for, and install your new floors!
Twenty & Oak Flooring Experts

Twenty & Oak Flooring Experts are a team of flooring professionals with over 150 years of combined experience in the industry. They have hands-on experience with all flooring types and bring inside industry know-how to homeowners in the Southeast.

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