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Did you know that selecting new hardwood floors can actually be fun? In recent years, due to so many amazing innovations in style and design, it can feel more overwhelming than ever to narrow down that perfect hardwood floor because there are so many choices. Whether you’re just starting your search online, or you’re pouring over hardwood samples scattered throughout the kitchen from Twenty & Oak, I’m here to help you select the hardwood flooring that best fits your personality.
Over the course of my interior design career, I’ve helped many people select gorgeous hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring is a long-lasting investment, and the foundation of a great space. Twenty & Oak retailers offer the leading brands of premium hardwood flooring, so you can take heart that you’re building your room with the best. So, let’s get to work.
To keep things exciting, I’ve created three fun personality types with accompanying interior design styles-- and selected some of my favorite hardwood flooring styles from Twenty & Oak that best fit each type. Which personality best fits you?
Pearls All Day
Here in the south, we all love a good strand of pearls. Like Jackie Kennedy once said, “Pearls are always appropriate.” Much like Jackie, this personality type appreciates all things traditional and classic. Fine china, grandmother’s antique hall table, and afternoon tea (pinkies up) are all treasures to be appreciated. For the celebrated traditionalist, consider Windsor Park by Azalea Lane in the gorgeous Chestnut color. This hickory hardwood floor has a low gloss and wide planks, allowing the natural beauty of the species to shine through and complement a variety of d├ęcor styles.
Azalea Lane Windsor Park Chestnut
Just A Little Edgy
Some of us can be found during the day in a tailored blazer and nude heels and, by evening, in a red dress with the new crocodile metallic gold Chanel clutch (one can dream!). This personality type represents those of us with an electric, transitional, or mixed design style. The edgy personality might mix an heirloom dining table with unexpected Lucite dining chairs. For the just a little edgy personality, consider the Palmetto Road Middleton Collection in the Footbridge color.
Palmetto Road Middleton
 All About the Trends
When it comes to interior design, this thrilling personality type throws all caution to the wind. Ceiling, trim, and walls painted saturated colors, bold textiles in leopard and fuchsia pink, and light fixtures that make your jaw drop with awe- this group of risk-takers isn’t afraid to invest in fashion-forward flooring. If you’re all about the trends,  consider the Botany Bay style by Palmetto Road in color Pebble. The blonde floor with striations of grey in a low gloss finish are the perfect backdrop to this personality’s bold choices. 
Palmetto Road Botany Bay
Another way to find your perfect floor is to take the Twenty & Oak Floor Genius Quiz.  This quick and fun quiz helps you find floors based on your style and space.

So, which hardwood floor best fits your personality? Comment here and let us know or share your flooring inspiration with us on Pinterest. We can’t wait to hear from you and help you select the flooring the best fits YOU!
Mollie Surratt

Mollie is usually speeding in with an oversized Louis Vuitton bag full of pull ups, pink lip gloss and paint swatches—with a latte in hand.  She’s got a great eye for interiors that translates to, well, real life. Born and raised in Atlanta, Mollie grew up in her family’s couture bridal business. Today, her family’s business, bridals by lori, is the stage of the hit TLC reality show Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta.  

Mollie spent 12-years working in the flooring industry, but left the corporate world to begin her dream, Mollie Surratt Marketing & Interiors.  Her unique perspective as a busy professional mama of two girls is eclectic, considerate and sophisticated- with a huge dash of fun and humor in the mix.


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