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4 of the Best Man Cave Flooring Ideas

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Man caves take on a different meaning for each guy. Sports enthusiasts would love a man cave to display memorabilia and a big TV to watch their favorite teams. Film buffs require a surround sound theater, complete with stadium seating. And musicians, well…these guys need a man cave with thick walls and sound-absorbing materials. 

Whatever interests and activities fill a dream man cave, it will need versatile and durable flooring suitable for the space. Twenty & Oak offers many suitable flooring solutions for man caves, but to help you narrow the selection, let's explore four of the top picks. That way, you can find the perfect foundation to complete your space. 

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1. Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring is a wonderful option for man caves and offers many advantages. For starters, it’s incredibly resilient, tough-as-nails durable and most collections are water-resistant. Some of our luxury vinyl collections at Twenty & Oak are actually waterproof. This means that when the man cave gets a little rowdy, your vinyl can take practically anything thrown at it. Capable of withstanding topical spills from the not-so-careful manly men and offering an easy-to-clean surface, vinyl flooring is Twenty & Oak’s top contender for your man cave design.   

Many man caves are situated in basements and since luxury vinyl is considered the best flooring for the basement, it’s clearly a winner. When it comes to basements and lower-level areas of the home, vinyl offers several benefits that can make a space feel more inviting.  Many luxury vinyl collections include an attached pad for warmth underfoot and sound-reducing properties.

Style-wise, luxury vinyl also comes in a variety of colors and finishes. They can resemble anything from natural hardwood to high-end stone and marble. Your man cave flooring will be the foundation for all types of decor–from sports memorabilia to framed original vinyl records and instruments to movie posters. 

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2. Laminate

Laminate flooring is also an excellent option. With exceptional durability, it’s clear why this flooring type is installed in many man caves. Laminate flooring is extremely affordable and cost-effective, giving you a luxurious look that can resemble many materials from wood to stone. As a floating floor, laminate offers an easy DIY install that can be laid over a foundation on the weekend. We do, however, always recommend hiring a professional to get the job done correctly and efficiently. For a water-resistant laminate for your man cave, check out Beauflor's Oterra. The Oterra collection even offers an attached pad for a warm underfoot. 

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3. Rubber Flooring

Rubber Tile Man Cave Floors

Centaur Flooring, Momentum Tile Flooring Dumbbell

Rubber flooring is super resilient and dense. Made of a durable composite rubber material, this flooring can be installed in all types of man caves. Since it is capable of withstanding the fall of heavy tools or weights, rubber flooring is ideal for a home gym setup, offering shock-absorbing qualities and an easy to clean surface. It can even be installed in garages where cars and grease go hand-in-hand. 

Rubber flooring comes in sheets, which can be rolled out even over concrete, as well as tiles, which can be conveniently rearranged. Twenty & Oak recommends installing a commercial-grade rubber flooring option such as Centaur Momentum Tile Rubber Flooring. Consisting of a resilient, vulcanized rubber composite, these rubber floors are ideal for weight training and more. 

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4. Hardwood Flooring

For a more luxurious man cave, hardwood flooring is a great, timeless option. Hardwood offers a classic style for man caves, with the added benefit of being durable and easy to clean. Some hardwood brands, such as Hearthwood, even offer water-resistant barriers that can withstand topical spills from the boys. Engineered hardwood flooring can be installed in man caves that are on any level of the home, including the basement. You'll want to use a professional installer to ensure a cohesive visual and quality floor performance for many years.

Still, hardwood floors are not an ideal choice for moisture-prone basements. If you appreciate the look of hardwood and have a subterranean man cave, we recommend installing vinyl that resembles genuine hardwood. Better yet, for truly waterproof hardwood, take a look at the revolutionary Raintree collection.

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Designing a Dream Man Cave? 

Whether you need sound-absorbing flooring for your man cave’s weekly garage band get-together or easy-to-maintain floors for messy spills after a thrilling sports match, we’ve got you covered! Find your perfect floor by taking our Floor Genius Quiz and be sure to check out our virtual flooring showroom

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