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Best Flooring for the Master Bedroom?

Light hardwood floors in coastal master bedroom

Choosing the best flooring for the master bedroom is an important decision. After all, it is the first thing our feet touch when we wake up in the morning and the last thing they feel before we retreat after a long day. When creating a master bedroom that brings you joy as well as rest, the flooring you select will set the stage for your decor and the overall atmosphere. With options ranging from hardwood flooring to carpet, laminate flooring, tile, and luxury vinyl flooring, you will want to consider your style, climate, and budget. Here are a few of our favorite bedroom flooring options. 

Table of Contents
What Is Defined As The Master Bedroom?
Carpet for the Master Bedroom
Hardwood Flooring for the Master Bedroom
Tile Flooring for the Master Bedroom
Luxury Vinyl Flooring for the Master Bedroom
Laminate for the Master Bedroom

What Is Defined As The Master Bedroom?

Before we dive into flooring options for the master bedroom, we wanted to explore what defines the master bedroom. The master bedroom is usually the largest bedroom in the home that is occupied by the head or heads of the household. It may also have an attached bathroom, often referred to as the master suite, which is important to consider when choosing flooring. Recently, there has been some change in the term master bedroom. This bedroom is also sometimes referred to as the primary bedroom, main bedroom, or owner’s suite. It often has lower foot traffic than other areas of the home, so while durability is still important, factors like aesthetic, design, and comfort are often top of mind when choosing flooring for the master bedroom. Take our Flooring Genius Quiz to help you narrow down your flooring search.

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Carpet for the Master Bedroom

Carpet is a common choice for the master bedroom because it provides a plush comfort underfoot, reduces noise, and makes the bedroom cozy. It is also an economical option. A major drawback to carpet in the master bedroom is how difficult it is to keep clean. There are options for stain-resistant carpeting, but overall, spills and messes are not easily removed from carpet. It also harbors allergens that can exacerbate symptoms for allergy sufferers. 

Hardwood Flooring for the Master Bedroom

Hardwood flooring is a beautiful and classic choice for the master bedroom because it adds warmth, value, and character to a room. It is highly regarded by real-estate professionals as one of the best flooring options for the master bedroom for resale value and desirability. It is durable and collects less dust and allergens than wall-to-wall carpet. It is also environmentally friendly. There are even waterproof hardwood floors, which are great for master bedrooms as they can be carried through to the master bathroom. Raintree Flooring’s Aspen Estate Collection, a gorgeous waterproof European white oak flooring, is a popular choice for the master bedroom. Incorporating an area rug to hardwood in the master bedroom can provide comfort underfoot, noise reduction, and add color and design.
Waterproof hardwood floors in master bedroom

Tile Flooring for the Master Bedroom

Tile flooring is commonly regarded as a durable flooring option. It is waterproof and stain-resistant, which makes it great for high traffic areas. For bedrooms, it can be a bit cold and hard. There are options to add underfloor heating to keep tile warm, which is commonly done in bathrooms. Whether tile flooring will be the best choice for your master bedroom will depend on the climate you live in and your style. If you live in a warmer climate, tile flooring may be a great option for your master bedroom, but if you experience colder weather or prefer to step onto a warm and cushioned floor in the morning, tile may not be the best choice for your master bedroom. In terms of style, a Mediterranean or coastal chic master bedroom would benefit from tile flooring.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring for the Master Bedroom

If you love the look of tile, but prefer something more cushioned, luxury vinyl flooring is a great option for the master bedroom. It is durable, economical, and stylish. Waterproof luxury vinyl flooring can also be used in the bedroom and bathroom, which allows you to run the same flooring throughout the master bedroom and en suite. Luxury vinyl flooring is quick and easy to install and clean. You can choose either a luxury vinyl plank that mimics a wood flooring or luxury vinyl tile which resembles ceramic or porcelain tile. 
Luxury vinyl flooring in master bedroom

Laminate Flooring for the Master Bedroom

If you desire the look and feel of hardwood or tile, but you want something more economical, laminate flooring is a good choice for the master bedroom. It is scratch and water-resistant, easy to clean, and easy to install. White laminate flooring is on trend in the master bedroom as it provides a minimalist design that feels bright and airy. Adding a bohemian area rug on top of white laminate flooring is a great way to add comfort and plush underfoot, while also incorporating a fun design element to your master bedroom.
Laminate Floors in Bedroom color Dockside
Overall, the flooring you select for your master bedroom needs to suit your unique design aesthetic, lifestyle, and budget. For a room where you spend so much of your time resting and rejuvenating, we hope these master bedroom flooring options inspire and inform you in your search. Reach out to a Twenty & Oak flooring expert today to learn more about each option and let us help you in your flooring journey to the perfect master bedroom. 
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