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For all of the home considerations you must take when selecting flooring for the majority of the home, your master bathroom allows you to capture a chic design exactly the way you envision. Since this intimate space is reserved for the heads of the household, you can invest in the material and look of your master bath without worry of foot traffic or harm. Like other rooms in the home, master bathroom flooring options will vary in factors like price, installation method, and moisture resistance. In addition to making sure your floors can handle humidity and standing water without damage, you can also explore safe bathroom flooring options that offer greater slip resistance.  From appropriate materials to trending design schemes, here are some of our best tips to find the right floor for your bathroom: 

Table of Contents
  1. What are the best bathroom flooring materials?
  2. What is the best flooring for a small bathroom? 
  3. What are the trending bathroom design schemes? 

What are the best bathroom flooring materials? 

As we’ve covered before in our Choosing the Best Flooring for Your Bathroom article, it’s wise to start your search with waterproof flooring for bathroom remodel planning. If you are looking to create a luxurious-feeling master bathroom, large tile and plank formats will help you craft an opulent feel. Although genuine wood is not a good fit for moisture and humidity, waterproof hardwood for bathroom design is a perfect way to capture natural beauty and authentic graining.

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For instance, gorgeous Raintree Flooring styles such as Nashville Scene are created with exclusive NINJA H2O Core technology that reinforces a genuine hardwood veneer! You can also capture exceptional wood plank and natural stone tile realism with luxury vinyl flooring, perfect for quick installation, waterproof performance, and more budget-friendly remodels.  To capture the look of elegant stone tile for bathroom design, a striking vinyl option like Essence by Beauflor in DISA 101S Tile will elevate your space effortlessly. Rustic varieties like Pure by Beauflor in Lime Oak Coffee present the perfect vinyl plank for bathroom renovations that capture hardwood realism. In addition to a waterproof hardwood floor, a waterproof luxury vinyl floor for bathroom performance is an incredibly sound investment. 

What is the best flooring for a small bathroom? 

Even if your bathroom is smaller in square footage, you can achieve major style thanks to savvy planning and installation layouts. Reducing grout lines and visible lines will automatically help make a smaller bathroom feel larger. Larger-sized luxury vinyl and waterproof hardwood formats will provide the best flooring for small bathroom design since they will reduce the number of lines while adding luxury. You can adjust the focal point or perspective of a more confined bathroom by using a striking option like Pure by Beauflor in Urban Limestone to create a herringbone, chevron, or staggered installation layout. Lastly, lighter shades like Deja New Flooring by Metroflor in Alleyway Soft White and Pure by Beauflor in Newcastle Dove will naturally brighten up a smaller master bathroom, whereas darker shades can reduce the visual feel.   

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What are the trending bathroom design schemes?

No matter what design scheme you love, you can create a bathroom to suit your stylish preferences! If you are not looking to commit to a distinctly traditional, modern, or contemporary design, a transitional bathroom combines luxury and a little bit of each dĂ©cor to produce dazzling results. We love the upscale stone look of Pure by Beauflor in Newcastle Smoke for a transitional, spa-like retreat right inside the home. If you’re looking for a bold, modern look, the dark wood visual of Burlington Plank Tile Flooring by Metroflor in Harbor Oak will deliver an unforgettable bathroom. Coastal chic bathrooms are widely popular and an airy wood look such as Laguna Vibes by Raintree Floors in Sandstone will help you unwind every night. Warm bathroom flooring options such as Nashville Scene by Raintree Flooring in Printer’s Alley will match a rustic farmhouse or cottage core design scheme perfectly. Pick the bathroom design scheme that will assist your daily rejuvenation the most!

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Remember, the best bathroom flooring style will give you the performance you need while still capturing the look you love. Order your free flooring samples to accurately gauge how they work with the lighting in your master bathroom, and get in touch with a Twenty & Oak dealer to begin budgeting. Your dream bathroom awaits!  
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